What is the Difference Between Neve and Neve PRO?

Which product version is right for me, free or PRO?

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Starter Sites Library

Neve and Neve Pro come with an ever-growing starter sites library, which enables you to import a ready-made website in no time. With just a few clicks you can begin customizing your site using any of the most popular page builders out there.

New Starter Sites are added to the library each month, so stay tuned.

Starter Sites Neve Neve Pro (Personal)
Neve Pro (Bussiness)
Neve Pro (Agency)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
- - Yes Yes
Import the page template only
for free demos for free demos for any starter site for any starter site
Save a page as template in your own library
- - - Yes
Load a template saved in your own library
- - - Yes
Import page templates created in Gutenberg
(not the ones from starter sites, independently templates)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Neve brings in a versatile builder for the header and footer areas of your site. With just a few clicks you can create your perfect header and footer. While Neve has all the main components needed for creating a basic header, Neve Pro brings in extra components that can be used to create more advanced sticky, transparent headers.

Features Neve Neve Pro
Header custom background image or color
Choose the desired text and background color for each header row and component. An image can also be used as the header background, instead of a solid color.
Yes Yes
Header Presets
Try a few header layouts within a few clicks, by choosing from the ready-made presets.
Yes Yes
Sticky header 
Each of the header builder's three rows can be set up as Sticky and/or Show only on scroll. 
- Yes
Transparent header 
The transparent header area is applying just on the homepage if a static front page is selected.
Color Palette Switch(Dark/Light theme) - Header Component 
This component allows the site visitor to change the color palette on his end. It can also be set to automatically adjust the color scheme based on the visitor's browser time.
Yes Yes
This component is a vertical line that can be used to separate the different header components.
- Up to two
Social Icons component 
Allows for social links in the header, without the need for any plugin. 
- Yes
Header Custom Layout
Allows a custom layout to be shown in the Header area.
- Yes
Contact component 
Allows for an unlimited number of fields, type of Text, Email, or Phone.
- Yes
Breadcrumbs component 
It can be added in the header, only when one of these plugins is installed and configured to display breadcrumbs: Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, Breadcrumb NavXT, or SEOPress.
- Yes
Wish List component 
It is a special component that can be used only if the Wish List mechanism is enabled in the WooCommerce Booster module
- Yes
Button component
Add buttons to the header builder without writing any HTML code, and inherit the global settings for the buttons alongside the theme.
Just one Up to three
HTML component
Add the desired HTML code, similar to the HTML widget available in WordPress.
Just one Up to three
Search Form component
Display an inline search form in the header, without taking the user to a different page for searching.
Just one Two
Primary Menu component
Show a menu that also allows drop-downs and change its color as you wish, on Desktop and eventually in a different way on Mobile devices.
Just one Three
Logo & Site Identity component
Display either the site name and a description, or an image, or both of them.
Just one Two
Search and Cart icons
The search icon will open a form above the whole page content while the cart icon can behave differently, by redirecting the user to the cart page or displaying the mini cart in the header, or the off-canvas cart as a sidebar.
Yes Yes

Block Editor

One of the main reasons why Neve is so easy to use is that it brings in blocks that make building a website a lovely activity. While Neve has all the main components needed for creating a basic page, Neve Pro brings in extra blocks that can be used to create a more interactive website.

Features Neve Neve Pro
Business Hours
As expected from the name, the block is very useful when it comes to creating a schedule for a business.
- Yes
The popup is a notice that appears suddenly on the screen, over another window or display.
Yes Yes
Review Comparison Table 
It is a special component that can be used only if the Comparison Table module is enabled in the WooCommerce Booster module
- Yes
WooCommerce Product Comparison 
This block helps the customers to have a better overview of the desired product, by comparing it with other products that he selects.
   - Yes
Add to Cart Button 
The add to cart button represents the button that stays somewhere around the product, to ensure the sale process.
   - Yes
Conditional Loading Feature 
The conditional loading is a feature that applies to all blocks within the Otter Library and is represented by the Visibility Condition, in the Settings panel.
   - Yes
Import and sync review data from Woo products feature 
This feature is related to the Product Review Block. It displays the review of a manually added product, but this process can be automated by using the details of a WooCommerce product.
   - Yes

📝 Note: More details about the Block Editor Booster can be found here.

📝 Note: More details about the Otter Blocks plugin can be found here.


Apart from the header builder, Neve Pro allows for the customization of the Page Header area ( the area below the header, where the page title is displayed ). 

The page header builder consists of two rows, Buttons, HTML areas, and a Page Header Menu component. Apart from HTML code, the HTML component allows for some magic tags: {title}, {date} and {author} which are replaced automatically on each page with the actual title of the page, publish date and author name.

More details about the options available in the Page Header area can be found in this guide.


Neve Pro allows the layout customization to be shown in the Footer area.

The Footer builder area has 2 rows (Footer Top and Footer Bottom), easily accessible. It allows you to arrange components or to bring some new layout or style settings. 

Features Neve Neve Pro
Footer Custom Layout
This footer component allows a custom layout to be shown in the Footer area.
- Yes
Widgets Footer Component
There are four widget areas, each with General and Layout options.
4 widgets 4 widgets
Copyright Footer Component
This component allows you to add the desired text, but it also allows you to get dynamic information, like the current year or current page title.
Yes Yes
Social Icons Component
This component allows you to add social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram) to the site footer.
- Yes
Payment Icons Component
This component allows you to add payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal) to the site footer.
- Yes
Footer Menu
This component provides options like:
  • General 
  • Layout 
  • Style 
Yes Yes
This component is a vertical line that can be used to separate the different footer components.
- Up to two

Blog Page

Features Neve Neve Pro
Three layouts available for the Blog page
The posts within the blog page can be displayed as a list, grid, or covers.
Yes Yes
Blog page pagination
The pagination can be designed as a numeric ( 1, 2, 3 .. ) or infinite scroll ( loading a new batch of articles on each scroll ). 
Yes Yes
Advanced blog post ordering
Possibility to change the default publishing descending date order to ascending or change it by updated date.
- Yes
Custom meta separator
The separator between author name, publishing date, number of comments, and category of the post.
- Yes
Estimated reading time
Add in the post's meta, the estimated reading time, automatically calculated based on the number of strings in the post.
- Yes
Display the author avatar
Chose whether to display or not, the avatar of the post author.
Yes Yes
Custom size for the author avatar
Possibility of choosing an image size ( for desktop, tablet, and mobile )
- Yes
Custom Read More button
Read More can be a custom text or a button ( primary style or secondary style ).
- Yes

Single Post Page

Features Neve Neve Pro
Show/Hide/Reorder items within the page
The elements within the single post layout can be reordered or hidden.
Yes Yes
Posts navigation
Display the title of the next and previous posts with a link to them, based on the blog page order.
Yes Yes
Header Layout
Change the header to a full-width one with the featured image as background hero image and the title above it.
Yes Yes
Sharing Icons
Easily share the current post on email or social media by using the default sharing icons.
- Yes
Author Biography
Pulls out the post's author name, description, and Gravatar image from the user settings.
- Yes
Related Posts
With options for the section title, the number of related posts, length of the post content, and filtering option ( you can choose to select related posts based on related categories or related tags )
- Yes
Custom display for the Comments section
Ability to have a show/hide mechanism for the comments section
- Yes

Custom Layouts

Custom Layouts is one of Neve Pro Addon's modules, which allows you to easily create headers, footers, and other custom sections in the default editor or any page builder. You can read more about it here.

Features Neve Neve Pro
Create a custom header
Replace the theme header with a custom one that can be edited with the WordPress editor or Elementor.
- Yes
Create a custom footer
Replace the theme footer with a custom  that can be edited with the WordPress editor or Elementor.
- Yes
Create a custom 404 Page
Create your own template for the 404 page. Follow this doc for more details.
- Yes
Create custom PWA's Offline and Internal Server Error pages
Follow this doc for more details.
- Yes

Elementor Widgets

Neve and Neve Pro are fully compatible with Elementor, but Neve Pro brings in extra widgets that can be used in Elementor.

Features Neve Neve Pro
Flip Card widget
A card with two sides (Front Side and Back Side) between which the user can flip when hovering over.
- Yes
Review Box widget
Display a review box with the product title and featured image, followed by the grades and a list of pro and con fields.
- Yes
Share Buttons widget
Add sharing colored buttons that can also have text next to the social platform logo, they look more like normal buttons with text rather than just small rounded icons.
- Yes
Typed Headline widget
Allows for a dynamic heading as in the screenshot below.
- Yes
Team Member widget
Use a template for sharing the team behind your business in a format like profile picture, name, occupation, short description, and social profiles.
- Yes
Progress Circle widget
Display loading circle icons to share the progress, status, or comparisons, by customizing the percentage, the color, and the thickness of the bar.
- Yes
Banner widget
Easily create a banner with a background image, text, and/or title above the image.
- Yes
Content Switcher widget
Show 3 pricing plans with toggle above them, that can keep the section layout and only changing information.
- Yes
Custom Field widget
Bring in post meta or ACF fields in Elementor
- Yes
Particles for Elementor sections
Display interactive atoms and place them in every Elementor section with awesome effects
- Yes
Animations for Elementor widgets
Create amazing animations and shape your elements on different scales
- Yes
Content Protection for Elementor widgets
Restrict any Elementor content from certain people based on time, user rules, password, logged in/not logged in user, and dates of the week
- Yes


Features Neve Neve Pro

Shop page

Shop page pagination
The pagination can be designed as a numeric ( 1, 2, 3 .. ) or infinite scroll ( loading a new batch of products on each scroll ).
- Yes
Disable product filtering on the Shop page
This filter changes the order of the products based on price, popularity, latest, or average rating.
- Yes
Add a Layout toggle on the Shop page
A toggle on the Shop page, which will display the products either in a grid view or a list view.
- Yes
Options for positioning the Add to Cart button
In Neve Pro, you can easily add the Add to Cart button below the product card, over the product thumbnail when hovering on the product, or hide it.
- Yes
Quick view button
Opens a pop-up window with details about the product.
- Yes
Wish list mechanism
Without any external plugin.
- Yes
Grid view or list view on the Shop page
Display a switcher so each user can choose the desired layout.
Option to force the same image height for products on the Shop page
This option is really handy for sites with lots of products. If some product images are larger than others, this option will force them all to have the same size for a nice-looking layout.
- Yes
Hover effect for products images on the Shop page
Choose between None, Zoom (make the image bigger), or Swipe ( on hover, show the first image from the gallery, if there is an image )
- Yes
Enable/disable and reorder elements in the product box on the Shop page
The elements are: title, reviews, price, category, and the short description
- Yes
Align product boxes on the Shop page
Left/right-aligned, centered, or justified.
- Yes
Enable Advanced reviews on the Shop page
Apart from the total review score displayed in the form of stars, display the total review score <number> and how many reviews are recorded for a particular product
- Yes
Customizable Sale tag
Choose its position ( inside the product box, or just on the edge ), alignment ( left/right ), border radius, color, and text ( which would replace the default Sale! text ).
- Yes
Sale percentage
Automatically calculate and display the percentage of sales for each product on the Shop page.
- Yes

Single Product Page

Exclusive Products section
From a selected category
Yes Yes
Featured Video for Products
Similar to adding a featured image, you can select a video that will show up on the single product page.
- Yes
Enable/disable and reorder elements on the product page
The elements are: title, price, short description, Add to cart button, meta, and reviews
- Yes
Two layouts for the images gallery
With the images on the left side of the main image, or at the bottom of the main image
- Yes
Transform the images gallery into a slider
Display the rest of the product images except for the featured image as a slider.
- Yes
Enable or disable Related and Upsells Products
Show some products related to the current one in a grid or carousel format.
- Yes
Enable or disable product images zoom effect
It zooms in the product featured image when hovering over it.
- Yes

Cart Page

Two different layouts for the Cart Page
With the Cart totals box on the right side or at the bottom of the main content.
- Yes
Two different background colors for the Cart Page
- Yes

Checkout Page

Three layouts available
Choose between a standard, vertical, or stepped layout.
- Yes
Style options
Set a page background color, tables' background color, and tables' padding.
- Yes
Enable Fixed Order Box
It works only for the Standard layout and it makes the cart totals box sticky.
- Yes
Option to enable/disable different page elements on the Checkout Page
Customize some of the fields by making them optional, required, or disabled.
- Yes
Ability to use Labels as Placeholders
- Yes


Multi-Announcements Bars
Create cart notices that can be shown based on particular action like a specific product being added to the cart.
- Yes
Variation swatches
Design the variations according to their type instead of showing just a drop-down choice. It can be a color, an image, or an icon.
- Yes
Comparison Table
Enable the comparing products option and show the comparison table on the dedicated page.
- Yes

White Label

Neve Pro gives you the opportunity to present Neve and Neve Pro as your own. You can, in fact, hide the actual names of the theme and the plugin (and all their custom details, like description, screenshot, license, and so on), and use your brand name instead.

Features Neve Neve Pro
Rename the theme name and details to your own. - Yes
Rename the plugin name and details to your own. - Yes
Hide the license field and all notices. - Yes
Hide the Starter Sites Library. - Yes

More details about the White Label options are available in this guide.


Performance module

The performance module provides some optimization options to enhance the performance of your site.

More details about the Performance Module options are available in this guide.



Neve and Neve Pro are compatible with the popular plugin for online courses LifterLMS. Both are also compatible with LearnDash.

Features Neve Neve Pro
Basic compatibility with LifterLMS
Yes Yes
Customizable Catalog page
Customize the number of courses per row, pagination type (numeric or infinite scroll), and layout (grid or list) on the Catalog page
- Yes
Customizable Memberships page
Customize the number of memberships per row, pagination type (numeric or infinite scroll), and layout (grid or list) on the Memberships page
- Yes
Customize the main color used by LifterLMS - Yes

Typekit (Adobe) Fonts

Neve Pro's module allows for an easy way of enabling new awesome Adobe (previous Typekit) Fonts in Neve's Typography options.

Features Neve Neve Pro
Use Typekit (Adobe) Fonts in Neve's Typography options
- Yes

Scroll to Top

Neve Pro comes with a small but handy module for adding a scroll to top button at the bottom of the page.

Features Neve Neve Pro
Add a Scroll to Top button
- Yes
Customize the color, size, border-radius, and position for the Scroll to Top - Yes


Besides our infinite love and respect,  Neve Pro users get access to regular support and updates. Make sure you check out our pricing for more details on that.

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