Block Editor Booster Module Documentation

This module boosts your website's functionality by bringing in a set of blocks for the WordPress editor. 

📝 Note: The Block Editor Booster module was part of the Neve Pro Agency modules; however, it is now available as a dedicated plugin called Otter Pro, which you can activate using your current license key for Neve Pro Agency.

In this article the following subjects will be presented:

🖲️ Activating the Module

Install the Neve PRO plugin using these instructions.
Navigate to Neve > Neve Options >  Neve Pro.
Scroll down and  click on the  yellow notice from the Blocks editor, to  install the Otter plugin .
After activating the Otter plugin, you will see a notice at the top of the dashboard to install Otter PRO. Click on it and then click on Install.

📝 Note: The Neve Pro license can be used to activate Otter Pro.

🧰 Using the Module

In order to use the module, follow these steps:

Navigate to Posts / Pages and open the editor.
Once the editor is opened, click on the ➕ button, to add new blocks.

Scroll down, until the Otter section and start searching for the new features.

If you want to explore all the  options that Otter Pro consists of, check this dedicated documentation.
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