Multi-Announcement Bars in Neve

The Multi-Announcements bars are part of the WooCommerce Booster module, which is available starting with the Business subscription for the theme.

Multi-Announcements bars can be created within the Dashboard and those will be automatically triggered by certain actions. Below is an example of offering a free product based on the ones added to the cart.

We'll start by navigating to Dashboard -> Marketing -> Announcement bars, create a new one and use the Cart notice block.

Before styling the notice and set actions, a coupon needs to be configured with a 100% discount for the pair of socks.

Now that a coupon is available, the button within the announcement bar can be configured to automatically add the free pair of socks to the cart. Make sure you set the button link to the desired product.

The announcement bar can be triggered by certain products that are added to the cart.

Magic tags can be used to show the name of the product that was added to the cart and triggered the announcement bar.

If the product triggering the announcement bar is added to the cart, the offer applies by clicking the button within the notice.

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