The Footer Menu

This guide is about the Footer menu component available in Neve.

For more details about how the footer builder works, please refer to this article.

There is one menu component available in the footer area and it provides the following options.

To start using it, navigate to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Footer, and add the Footer Menu on one of the available rows.

General Settings

From the General tab, you can choose the desired menu to appear in this location, and even edit its items.

Layout Settings

Those settings refer to the spacing and position of the whole menu.

Items Spacing (click to see image) - how much space to be between the menu items

Items Min Height (click to see image) - for menus with many items that will spread on multiple rows, this helps with controlling the amount of space between two lines

Alignment (click to see image) - align the menu items in the available space of the footer row

Vertical alignment (click to see image)

Padding - the amount of space around the menu items inside the Footer Menu component

Margin - the amount of space around the menu items outside the Footer Menu component, it takes more space from the footer row

Style Options

These options apply to the text of the menu items and include color options, font-family, typography options, and hover skins.

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