Comparison Table in Neve

The Comparison Table is part of the WooCommerce Booster module, which is available starting with the Business subscription for the theme.

This feature can be enabled in the Neve Options page, under the Neve Pro tab, by clicking on the accordion below the WooCommerce Booster module, then using the toggle.

Customizer options

After activating the module, follow this path, in order to access the features:

  • Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Comparison Table


  • Appearance Customize WooCommerce Comparison Table > General

In this section, you can set:

  • the page where the comparison table will be shown
  • the maximum number of products that can be compared at the same time can be chosen here as well
  • the position of the add to comparison button that is displayed on the product thumbnail on archive pages or sections as Related Products


 Table style

  • Appearance Customize WooCommerce Comparison Table > Table style

Colors can be configured within the Style tab:

  • the table background color
  • borders colors
  • table header text (the first column)
  • the text 

All items that are green in the above image, product names, the add to cart button, and the icon for removing a product from the comparison table are inherited from the Primary Accent color available in the Customizer > Colors & Background

The toggle for enabling alternate row color will change the table design as in the image below:


 Category restriction

  • Appearance Customize WooCommerce Comparison Table > Category restriction

The category restriction allows setting a rule:

  • to exclude categories, which means that products within these categories can't be compared
  • to include categories, which means that only products within these categories can be added to the comparison table

📝 Note: A product that can't be added to the comparison table due to such rules won't display the ➕ icon on the front end - an example below.


 Table Layout

  • Appearance Customize WooCommerce Comparison Table > Table Layout

This panel allows the table rows to be sorted as desired, except for the product attributes which will act as a group.

It is also possible to change the layout from columns to rows, and horizontal scroll will be enabled by default - an example below:

  • Appearance Customize WooCommerce Comparison Table > Related products

By enabling this option, products related to the ones within the comparison table will be listed below.

  • Appearance Customize WooCommerce Comparison Table > Sticky bar

The sticky bar where the comparison table can be opened is displayed at the bottom of the page if at least one product was added to the comparison.

These options allow customizing:

  • bar background color
  • text color
  • the style of the compare products button
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