Neve Single Post Options

Neve Pro offers a set of options for the Single Post layout, which applies by default on all existing and newly-created posts. Some of them are also integrated into the individual post options and can overwrite the global ones.

Those options are available in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Layout -> Single Post.

Global Options

Elements order

The following items can be shown/hidden/reordered on this page:

  • Title & Meta
  • Thumbnail - Featured Image
  • Content
  • Comments - advanced options available
  • Tags
  • Post navigation (click for image) - the title of the next previous posts as they are listed on the blog page
  • Author Biography (click for image) - inherited from the WordPress users who created the post, name, gravatar, and description
  • Related Posts - advanced options available
  • Sharing Icons - advanced options available

For some of them, advanced options are available.

Related posts

This section shows posts within the same category or tags with the post currently viewed. The following options are available for this section:

  • Section Title
  • Choose to display related posts by Category or Tags
  • Number of posts within the section
  • Excerpt length for those posts

Sharing icons

Those icons help with sharing the current post on social media, and you can choose which social networks to appear on the page.


The post's comments alongside the contact form for submitting a comment can be displayed by default, or replaced with a Show/Hide button.

Individual Options

While editing each post, the following options, more specific than the ones within the Customizer, are available by clicking the Neve icon within the right sidebar.

Please note that those options don't have a live preview. For checking the results you need to update the page and preview it.

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