Variation Swatches for WooCommerce in Neve

The default style for variable WooCommerce products in Neve is a drop-down choice.

To enable the advanced style for them like color, label, or thumbnail, navigate to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Neve Options, Neve Pro tab, click on the arrow near the WooCommerce Booster module to expand the Extra features and enable variations swatches.

After that, navigate to Dashboard -> Products -> Attributes and create a global attribute, for example, Color. In this case, we'll set the attribute type to color.

New colors can be added now, including the attribute value.

Once all the desired values for this attribute are added, it's time to use them as variations for a WooCommerce product. This can be set while editing the product, by choosing the global attribute in the Attributes tab of the product - make sure to use these options for variations by checking the box.

The final step is to check the Variations tab of the product, set the desired color from the global attribute and price for each variation.

Now the colors will appear instead of the default drop-down choice on the product page.

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