How to create custom Offline and Internal Server Error pages for PWA in Neve Pro

Using Neve Pro's Custom Layouts module you can easily create custom headers, footers, 404 pages or hooks specific areas. But this is not all. As Neve is fully compatible with PWA, the Custom Layouts module can also be used to create completely custom Offline and Internal Server Error Pages ( pages specific to PWA ). In this doc, we'll focus on these two types of pages.

Once the PWA plugin is activated, two new options will appear in the Layout area of the Custom Layout: Offline Page and Internal Server Error Page.

Step 1. Create a new Custom Layout by navigating to Appearance > Custom Layouts > Add new.

Step 2. Give a name to your Custom Layout. In this example, I've named it 'My custom Offline page'.

Step 3. Attach the Custom Layout to the Offline Page or Internal Server Error Page like in the image below and click on Publish.

Step 4. This is the part of actually creating the new Offline/Server Error page. For that, you can use the WordPress editor or a page builder, which would give you more customization options. 

For this example, I'm using the  Elementor page builder to create the page.

Step 5. Enjoy your new Offline/Server error page 😊 

Want to read more about Neve Pro? Check out the full documentation.

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