Header Rows Settings

Each of the three rows Header TopHeader Main, and Header Bottom ) of the header builder can be styled individually, which can be done in two ways: 

  • click on ⚙️, which appears at the beginning of the row once you hover over it. 
  • click on any panel of the menu, on the left side (Header Top | Header Main | Header Bottom). 

Any of the ways will generate the same thing: opens the row settings available on the left side.

Each row has the following options / customizations available:


 Stick to top

By default header rows disappear when scrolling the page down. Enable this option to make the row sticky.


 Show only on scroll 

Use it in combination with the above option enabled to shrink a header row.

📝 Note: You may find useful this article about how to shrink the sticky header on scroll.


 The layout (Full Width - Contained | Full Width | Contained)

The layout has three options available:

  • Full Width - Contained - the row content is wrapped by the page container and the background color stretch the full width.

  • Full Width - content and background color stretch the full width.

  • Contained - both the content and background color are wrapped by the page container.


 Row height

The value of the height can be inserted ( as an integer) - in PX, or set using the slider.

  • it has a reset button.
  • it's responsive ( Desktop | Tablet | Mobile ).


 Text Color

This modifies the default color of the content's text.

  • it gives the user the possibility to use one of Neve's Global Colors, by clicking on 🌐.

📝 Note: Here is a dedicated doc about Global Colors in Neve.


 Row bottom border

This option allows a bottom border to be set on each header row.

  • Width
    • set a width in pixels; you can set a different value for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
  • Border Color
    • choose a color of your own
    • choose from Neve's Global Colors (🌐)

📝 Note: Here is a dedicated doc about Global Colors in Neve.


 Row background: Color | Image

This area includes two options:

  • Color
    • choose a color of your own
    • choose from Neve's Global Colors (🌐).

  • Image
    • it possible to use the featured image of the current post / page as the background by enabling the toggle available there.
    • when using a static image as in the screenshot below, it's also possible to add an overlay.

Using archive featured image as the background

WordPress allows a featured image to be set on posts and pages, by default. As explained in the above chapter within this guide, Neve allows that featured image to be used as the background of a header row. This feature extends the same functionality to archive pages.

First, you need to enable the featured image field for the desired taxonomies, and this can be done from the Neve Options page within the Dashboard, Neve Pro tab, Header Booster module.

Once this is enabled, a new field will be available for adding a featured image to archives.

The featured image of each archive will be now used if the following option is enabled in the Customizer.

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