WooCommerce Booster Module Documentation

WooCommerce Booster is part of Neve Pro Addon's modules. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation.

Activate the module

To activate the WooCommerce Booster module, navigate to  Appearance > Neve Options > Neve Pro and enable the module.

Make sure you have the WooCommerce plugin installed, for the module to be activated.


The WooCommerce Booster module adds new options for the WooCommerce pages. These options can be seen in  Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce.

1. Shop Page

For the Shop page, there are five areas of customizations available in Neve Pro. These can be seen in  Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog.

a) Page Layout

Here is where you can customize the number of products per row, alongside the number of products per page

The pagination can be designed as numeric ( 1, 2, 3 .. ) or infinite scroll ( loading a new batch of products on each scroll ).

The product filtering can be disabled if needed and a Layout toggle can be enabled ( this will add a toggle on the Shop page, which will display the products either in a grid view or a list view

There are Typography options for this page, in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Typography -> WooCommerce.

b) Product Card

Neve Pro brings in new options for positioning the Add to Cart button, Quick view button ( which opens a popup window with details about the product ) and the possibility to implement a wish list mechanism with any extra plugin.

Just select a position for the Wish List icon ( top or bottom of the product ) and once your users click on it, it will automatically add the selected products to a special list of favorite products. To navigate the list, make sure you add the Wish List component in the Header builder

There are also options for transforming the layout of the products in either a grid or a list view, and to add a box-shadow.

c) Card Image

If you want to be sure all your products use the exact same height ( no matter their individual sizes ) you can select the  Force Same Image Height option which will do just what its name suggests. Once that option is selected, you get a new field where you can enter the exact height ( in px ) that you want to use. 

Another useful option is to select a hover effect for the product images. You can choose between None, Zoom (make the image bigger), Swipe Next Image ( on hover, show the first image from the gallery, if there is an image ), Blur, Fade In, Fade Out, Glow, Colorize and Grayscale.

d) Card Content

Easily enable/disable and reorder elements in the product box ( title, reviews, price, category and the short description ).

Decide on an alignment option ( left/right-aligned, center or inline ) and enable Advanced reviews ( apart from the total review score displayed in the form of stars, display the total review score <number> and how many reviews are recorded for a particular product ).

e) Sale tag

Customize the Sale tag which appears on discounted products by choosing its position ( inside the product box, or just on the edge ), alignment ( left/right ), border-radius, background and text color, and text ( which would replace the default Sale! text ).

If you want to display a percentage of the sale, you can  Enable sale percentage and the products will display a 30% sale for example ( based on the actual selling prices ). Once the sale percentage is enabled, a new filed will appear for Sale tag format. There is where you can enter a formatted value for the percentage sale like {value}%.

Typography options for the sale tag are available in  Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Typography -> WooCommerce.

Want to have multiple different badges? No problem. Follow this doc to learn how to do do that.

f) Category Card

Choose the desired style for the category card.

2. Single Product Page

Neve Pro brings in customization options for the single product page as well.

Similar to the Shop page, the order of the elements highlighted in the image below can be updated according to your needs. 

Gallery options

There are two layouts for the gallery ( with the images on the left side of the main image, or at the bottom of the main image ). The Gallery can also be transformed into a slider by enabling the dedicated option.

Related Products 

Neve Pro offers options for enabling or disabling Related Products as needed.

Seamless Add to Cart mechanism

When enabled, this option will make the process of adding a product in the cart much easier. When the Add to Cart button is clicked, the product is instantly added to the cart, instead of refreshing the page, offering a better experience for the user.

Product Navigation

When enabled, previous and next buttons will appear on the single product page, with the help of which you will be able to navigate from one product to the others.


There are Typography options for this page, in  Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Typography -> WooCommerce.

3. Cart Page

For the Cart page, Neve Pro brings in two different layouts ( with the Cart totals box on the right side or at the bottom of the main content ) and two different background colors that can be combined as needed.

It also brings in the possibility to add payment icons ( showcasing the payment options available on your site ) near the Cart total section of the Cart page.

4. Checkout Page

For the Checkout page, Neve Pro brings in two different background colors, the possibility of making the Order box fixed on scroll, and enabling/disabling different page elements. 

A really awesome feature is the one called Use Labels as Placeholders which, as its name suggests get rid of all the labels, and displays them as placeholder for the form fields. This can totally transform the look and feel of the checkout page.

5. Featured Video for Products

Another awesome feature of the WooCommerce Booster is the ability to add a featured video for each product. Similar to adding a featured image, you can select a video that will show up on the single product page.

6. Off-canvas sidebar for the Shop page

Neve offers multiple customizations options for the layout. These options can be found in  Appearance > Customize > Layout > Content/Sidebar. There is where you can opt-in for the sidebar layout to be the same on the entire site, or to have a more advanced model, where different types of pages have different sidebar layouts.

If you decide on the second option, you will find there are the default none, left and right sidebar options for the Shop page, but there is also a fourth option, for an off-canvas sidebar. In that mode, the sidebar is hidden by default, and it slides in from the left side of the screen when clicking on the dedicated sidebar button.

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