Particles - Elementor Booster

Particles is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module and lets you display interactive atoms and place them in every Elementor section with awesome effects.

Check out the video below or follow the short tutorial on how to use this feature.

Note: You can find the Particles tab in every Elementor section's Layout tab.

Step 1

Select the section for which you want to apply the particles. After that, click on Layout and explore the Particles panel.

Step 2

Note: To take full advantage of Particles, you should have a background color or image in your section. Switch to the Style tab to add a Background Type and configure the settings.

Click on Enable Particles to enable the effect.

There is a Theme Source option from which you can choose to either use defaults effects or custom ones.

If you decide on using the Default effects, you will need to select one from the Preset Themes dropdown.

Step 3

If you decide on using a Custom effect, you will need to add your own JSON code in the Custom Style field. The JSON code can be generated from here.

Step 3

Particles also has an option to disable the effect on reduce motion devices

After finishing all the editing, click on  Publish to see your work live.

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