Everything you need to know about the Starter Sites Library

Please note that some of the starter sites are available based on the subscription type for Neve Pro - more details in this chapter.

Where to find them - here


How to choose the desired editor (page builder)

Search and see only the starter sites build with the editor you want

How much does it cost

There are two types of starter sites: free and premium

The free ones are available in all versions of Neve: free | Personal | Business | Agency.
The premium ones are available only in Neve Pro: Business | Agency

How to import them


Make sure to have Neve theme installed


Install Templates Collections Patterns plugin

The plugin is available for free on wordpress.org and can also be installed directly from your website's Dashboard -> Plugins.


From your website's Dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Neve Options page, Starter Sites tab


Choose the desired editor & click import

Don't want to import the whole website? Get the desired pages only.

Some of the starter sites allow importing just a particular page, or all of them without getting the Customizer options, widgets area, and menus.

While hovering on a website thumbnail, watch for the View Pages button, like in the image below.

By clicking on it, you'll be redirected to a section where only the pages of that particular starter sites are available. From here, you can preview them, import each one, or get all of them.

Templates Cloud Library - saving your own templates for using them later

If you are having the Neve Pro Agency package, whenever you are editing a Gutenberg page, a button will be available for saving it as a template in your library.

To import it, access the following section within your Dashboard, or use the Cloud Templates block directly in the editor.

The templates saved in My Library section are available for import on any website where your Neve Pro Agency license is active.

Read more about Neve Template Cloud Library

Looking for page templates?

Check out the new Page Templates section, where you can search for dedicated pages, like Contact, or About us. 

Please note that we are constantly adding new templates to this section, and for now, only Gutenberg ones are available.

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