Scroll To Top Module Documentation

Scroll to Top is part of Neve Pro Addon's modules. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation.

Activating the module

Install the Neve PRO plugin, using these instructions.
Navigate to Appearance > Neve Options > Neve Pro.
Take a look at the modules and enable the ones desired.


The module adds a new panel of options that can be found in  

📍  Appearance > Customize > Layout 

There you will find various design options for the scroll to top button, customization options divided into three areas:

📝 Note: In order to see these options, make sure you check the Scroll to Top option.


Customizations available here:

  • Choose Side - select one of the orientations of the button on the screen (Right or Left).
  • Type - there are two options
    • Icon 
    • Image - if chosen, it will generate another field, where you can attach the desired photo.
  • Label - adds a text next to the default arrow.
  • Offset - number of pixels scrolled after which the Scroll to Top button will appear.
    • undo the changes by selecting the Reset button.
  • Hide on mobile - option to disable the Scroll to Top button on mobile devices.


Customizations available here:

  • Padding - in PX, along with a Reset and a link button, to connect all the dimensions ( Desktop | Tablet | Mobile ).
  • Size of the icon - helps to set the perfect dimension for the icon ( in PX ), along with a Reset button (Desktop | Tablet | Mobile).
  • Border radius - used to make the button round, along with a Reset button.


The customizations available here refers to colors applied for different areas:

  • Color - text / arrow color.
  • Hover Color - text / arrow color when you hover with the mouse.
  • Background Color - background color of the shape.
  • Background Hover Color - background color of the shape when you hover with the mouse.

All of these areas can use the Global Colors of Neve, by clicking on the 🌐 icon.

📝 Note: For further information about Global Colors in Neve, check this doc.

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