Team Member widget

The Team Member widget is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module

Check out the video below or follow the short tutorial on how to use the widget to create a great looking showcase of your team members.

Step 1

Select the Team Member widget from the menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen and drag and drop it in the selected area.

Step 2

Choose an image of your team member. You can also set the size of the image.

Step 3

Set the team member's name and job title. You can also add a short bio of his/her job if you want. You can also link the image, the name, or both of them.

Resize the name using the headers H1 to H6. You can move the content to the left, right or center using the alignment option.

Step 4

For each team member, there is also an option for adding social links to the profile. Click on Social Profile to explore the options.

You can add social profiles like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. You can remove links by clicking the “X” button or add new links by clicking on “ADD ITEM”. 

Make sure the Show Profiles toggle is enabled, for the social icons to be visible.

To customize the style of each social icon, enable the Want to Customize? toggle.

Step 5

After building the widget content, you can go ahead and customize it. Click on the Style tab to explore the options. There you will find options for Photo, Name, Job Title & Bio and Social Icons

For each element of the widget, you can customize the color, font family and size, padding, margin and so on.

To make the image rounded, enable the Force Round Avatar toggle, and play with the Image size option to make the image as big or small as needed.

Step 6

Now, that the widget is almost ready, you can go on to the Advanced tab, if you want to add motion effects, advanced effects, content protection, background or make the page responsive.

Step 7

After finishing all the editing, click on  Publish to see your work live.

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