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  • How to install and activate Sparks

    After you have purchased the Sparks plugin, it will appear on your Themeisle account. Follow the steps below to find out how to install and activate it. 1 Go to ThemeIsle store and insert your

  • Check our latest plugins

    Thank you for using ThemeIsle plugins! In case you are looking for one of the following plugins, please note that these are retired, and there aren't further updates scheduled for them: ❌ WP Product

  • The Variation Swatches Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Variation Swatches module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. The Variation Swatches is a very useful tool that belongs to an online shop. It displays the

  • Sparks Documentation

    The Sparks plugin brings in extra e-commerce functionalities for your shop page, allowing you to build an engaging website using its modules. πŸ“ Note: At this moment, we don't have a trial or demo

  • The Product Wishlist Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Product Wishlist module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. The Product Wishlist Module ensures your customer's visits, through the possibility of storing the

  • WooCommerce Booster unavailable after purchasing Neve Pro

    If you have purchased Neve Pro and still can't access the WooCommerce Booster module, as in the following screenshot, there are two things that can be checked The license key needs to be active You

  • The Product Quick View Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Product Quick View module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. The Product Quick View is an essential tool in e-commerce because it facilitates the customer's

  • How to add categories on shop page using WooCommerce

    πŸ“ Note: This documentation assumes that you are using the WooCommerce plugin for your shop page. To add a new category on the shop page, these are the steps to follow: Step 1: Navigate to Dashboard

  • Change Hestia shop sidebar icon on mobile

    This documentation will show you how to change shop sidebar opening icon for Hestia Pro theme. This documentation assumes that you have WooCommerce Sidebar active. We recommend using a font-awesome

  • How to display the SKU on single product pages in Hestia

    If you have not created a child theme then be sure to create one before proceeding or your changes will be lost on next update: How to create a child theme After you have created your child theme add

  • How to Show WooCommerce Products on Home Page in Zerif

    It's really easy to customize WordPress themes, especially Zerif. Before we start this tutorial, please make sure that you're using a child theme. In your child theme functions.php file add the

  • The Multi-Announcement Bars Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Multi-Announcement Bars module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. The multi-announcement bars are very useful for the offers that appear from time to time,

  • How to display the See all products button in the Products section in Shop Isle when using a shortcode

    If you are using Shop Isle and want to use the WooCommerce shortcode option for the Products section, you might notice that the 'See all products' button that appears by default in that section

  • The WooCommerce Builder Feature - Otter Features Library

    The WooCommerce Builder is a feature meant to boost your e-commerce experience by creating a unique website, using Otter blocks. 🧰 Using the Feature 1 To start the process, make sure you have

  • How to use Neve Patterns in Custom Layouts?

    πŸ“ Note: This feature is part of the PRO version of Neve, which you can get from here. While editing a custom layout, you will get access to the Neve Patterns collection. There are multiple templates

  • WooCommerce Booster Module Documentation

    πŸ“ Note: The WooCommerce Booster module is part of Neve Business or Agency which you can get from here. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full

  • How to remove the cart icon from menu in Hestia PRO

    Basically, the cart icon will be displayed automatically if the WooCommerce plugin is active. If you are not using products/WooCommerce, deactivate it from WP-admin > Plugins, and the cart icon will

  • How to display WooCommerce Data Charts using Visualizer?

    πŸ“ Note: This feature is part of Visualizer PRO, which you can get from here. If you're the admin of an online shop, probably you sometimes feel the need to create reports with the statistics that

  • List of compatible products for Hestia

    Hestia is our Material Kit-based theme with the cool box-shadows on the buttons and cards, and the ready-made design for the home and blog pages. In this guide, we are going to list some products

  • The Products Comparison Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Product Comparison module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. The Product Comparison is an indispensable feature of an online shop nowadays that helps the user to

  • How to set featured image for generated posts

    MPG plugin allows you to set featured images for the generated posts or pages. To achieve this it's needed to have the data (URLs of images) in your source file. Source file To set featured images

  • The Advanced Product Reviews Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Advanced Product Reviews module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. This module enhances Sparks' Product Review by allowing users to enable an advanced review

  • The Product Tabs Manager Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Product Tabs Manager module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. This option helps you customize the Products tabs on the shop product page. You can add new tabs

  • What is the Difference Between Neve and Neve PRO?

    Which product version is right for me, free or PRO? Jump to: Starter Sites Header Blog Page WooCommerce Custom Layouts Page Header Page Footer Single Post Page Elementor Widgets White Label LifterLMS

  • The Custom Thank You Pages Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Custom Thank You Pages module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. The Custom Thank You Pages create a more friendly appearance to the online shop, by displaying a

  • How to search for settings in the Customizer?

    This feature will ease your user experience by facilitating searching for sections and panels through the Customizer search component. To access this component, follow these steps: 1 Navigate to

  • Remove description heading from WooCommerce Single Product Tabs

    If you want to remove the description heading from Woocommerce single product tabs, add the following code at the bottom of the functions.php file of your child theme. /** * Remove "Description"

  • How to add sidebar on WooCommerce pages in Zerif

    Adding the sidebar in the WooCommerce pages doesn't take much time. It's pretty easy and you can follow the steps below to accomplish that in few minutes, please make sure that you're using a child

  • How to Restrict WooCommerce Discounts from applying to PPOM fields?

    πŸ“ Note: PPOM meta fields become part of the product meta; hence, the discounts set for the product will be applied to the meta fields by default. This article presents how to avoid applying the

  • How to Search Through Generated Pages in MPG?

    MPG is a WordPress plugin that enables unlimited pages to be generated and updated, however, by default those generated pages cannot be found within your website. If you search for a keyword that is

  • Neve Shop Compatibility with Elementor Pro

    πŸ“ Note: This scenario is applied for shop websites built with Neve and Neve Pro, having Sparks activated. Building a shop page in Elementor means that you can take advantage of the styling options

  • How to create a Page Header for the Product Categories using the Custom Layouts Module

    πŸ“Note: The Custom Layouts are part of the Neve PRO Addon's modules. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation. This article will

  • The Cart Icon Component - Neve Header / Footer Builder

    πŸ“Note: This component is part of the Neve Header / Footer Builder. The Cart Icon component is accessible only if you have installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin. 🧰Using the Component 1

  • What to do after I purchase a product from ThemeIsle?

    Firstly, congrats on your decision and welcome to our community. We really appreciate it. Now that you have purchased a product from us, here are the next steps. Get the product file and the license

  • How to activate your license key

    Our Pro themes and plugins come with a license key that you will find in your account next to the products. This doc will help you activate the license key on your website for any pro theme / plugin

  • How to change the category color on Hestia shop page

    On the shop page of Hestia Pro, the category within the product cards is getting a random color by default. If you want to use the same color for all of them, just add the following code in the

  • Filter for Chart ID

    Any Visualizer charts have a specific chart ID that can be rendered on the post where the chart was added. This can be done by enabling some of the Frontend Actions or adding a custom code. This

  • WP-CLI Commands in Neve

    The neve CLI support provides an interface for performing theme-related operations, such as activating the theme, the license key, it modules from the command line. First, make sure CLI is installed

  • How to change the product category color in Hestia

    In order to change the color of the product category name displayed on the home page in the shop section, you need to add the following custom CSS to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

  • Otter Pro documentation

    This is the premium version of the Otter Blocks plugin, also known as Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter. More advanced blocks and features are available in this version. 🧰 Tools needed

  • How to change product image sizes in ShopIsle

    You might want to change the image sizes in Shopisle theme because they are either bigger than what you want or your images are cut off (cropped). To fix this issue please go to Appearance ->

  • LearnDash Integration in Neve

    LearnDash is one of the most widely used WordPress LMS (learning management systems). This is why we've made sure Neve offers seamless integration with the popular plugin and made it easy for you to

  • How to Configure the Very Top Bar in Hestia

    The Very Top Bar is the highest positioned section on the site, just above the navigation area, and is divided into two panels: General Settings and Appearance Settings. By navigating to Header

  • List of compatible products for Neve

    Neve is one of our most popular themes, while it is lightweight and has a minimalist design, the theme is extendable, it has a highly SEO optimized code, resulting in top rankings in Google search

  • How to show more than 8 latest products on ShopIsle homepage

    You could increase the amount of "Latest" products on the ShopIsle frontpage without touching code. In the "WooCommerce Shortcode" section in theme Customizer under Frontpage sections->Products

  • Shop - Related Blocks

    πŸ“ Note: These blocks are part of the Otter Blocks plugin, which you can get from here. πŸ“ Note: The blocks' appearance can be improved using the Otter features, such as Transform to Sticky,

  • Breadcrumbs in Neve

    Neve By default, Neve supports breadcrumbs on the Shop/Archive (WooCommerce) and Single Product pages. But Neve also supports the most popular plugins used for breadcrumbs: Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO,

  • Components in Neve's Custom Layouts

    πŸ“ Note: This is part of the Custom Layouts Module, which is available for the Neve Pro plans. The Custom Layouts module can be used to replace the current header or footer, to create individual

  • How to Configure Taxes for PPOM Options?

    πŸ“ Note: This feature is available only in the premium version of PPOM, which you can get from here. To allow PPOM meta to become taxable options, you need first to set up the tax settings in

  • How to remove Zoom hover effect

    ShopIsle theme uses WooCommerce. In WooCommerce product pages, there is image Zoom in effect. This feature was added in WooCommerce 3.+ versions. Thus, this is not a theme feature. Instead,