Using Contact Form 7 to API – Pardot Integration

Contact Form 7 to API is another excellent extension that allows you to integrate Contact Form 7 forms to any CRM with zero coding. Integrating with 3rd party services can be slightly different in each service, so you might need to go over the service docs in order to learn how to do that.

In this guide, we will show you how to integrate between Contact Form 7 to Pardot by Salesforce, which is one of the most popular CRM’s.

This is the form we would like to connect

In the form’s setting, under actions tab, choose “ API POST/GET Request” and click on the “Add Action” button

On Pardot dashboard, go to Forms and choose Form Handlers.

Under Form Fields Mapping add fields to match the fields in your form

Copy the Endpoint URL from Pardot dashboard to Base API URL in action settings, and set API Input Type to POST.

Pardot Dashboard

Action Setting

Under Tags Mapping, match the form fields to the 3rd-party field name .

Boom! Contact Form 7 to Pardot integration is ready!

Extra Settings

Contact Form 7 to API has additional options like sending additional headers and testing the requests for errors.

You might want to integrate the form only for a specific case, for example: if the user confirms receiving emails by checkbox. Well, along with Actions Conditional Logic you can easily do that as well, and save hours of coding in just few minutes!

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