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📝 Note: The Header Booster module is part of Neve Pro which you can get from here. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation.

In this article the following subjects will be presented:

🖲️Activating the module

Install the Neve PRO plugin, using these instructions.
Navigate to Appearance > Neve Options > Neve Pro.
Take a look at the modules and enable the Header Booster Module.

🗂Components Library

The  PRO version of Neve brings in some extra components, extra instances for the old components and these can be found in the Header panel of the Customizer.

Step 1: Navigate to Appearance > Customize.

Step 2: Open the Header Panel to see the header builder and its layout.

Step 3: With a drag and drop movement, insert the desired components into the header builder rows.

📝Note: For more details about the components of the Header Builder and how these can be used, check this doc.

The pro components available here are:

  • Contact - if you wish to add your contact details (information like address, email, and phone number) to the site header, you can do so through the Contact component of the header builder. No coding skills are required.

  • My Account - allows the user to register and hold information about the personal account.

  • Social Icons - if you wish to add your social media buttons ( Facebook, Twitter ) to the site header, you can do so through the Social Icons component of the header builder. 

  • Custom Layout - this header component allows a custom layout to be shown in the Header area. For more details about the Custom Layouts module, please check this guide
    • 3 instances

  • Wish List - allows users to create a personalized collection of products they want to buy in the future and save them in their user account for future reference. The Header Wish List adds a direct link to the wish list page, where all saved products can be seen.

  • Divider - adds a divider between the components from the header, for a better delimitation.
    • 2 instances

🎯Features Library

The Header Booster module is enhancing Neve's header builder by providing new features, such as sticky and transparent menus, conditional headers, page header builder. 

To ensure the fact that you can access all its features, navigate to Appearance > Neve Options > Neve PRO, under the Header Booster Module. Click on the Extra features and enable from there the ones desired:

The features of the Header Booster Module are:

  • Conditional Headers - this is one of the most exciting features of the Header Booster module. It allows you to load different headers on different pages, creating an awesome-looking website with minimal hassle.

  • Sticky Header - each of the header builder's three rows can be set up as Sticky and/or Show only on scroll. Sticky means the row will always stick to the top of the page. 

  • Transparent Header - enabling the transparent header option will set the header background to transparent and pull the page content to the top. That means your top part of the page content will be set as a background to the transparent header.

  • Page Header - apart from the header builder, the Header Booster module allows for the customization of the Page Header area ( the area below the header, where the page title is displayed ). The page header builder consists of two rows, where the user can edit, arrange, add components.

  • Mega Menu - the Mega Menu of Neve allows you to present the sub-items of a certain panel in a better preview, to add icons to the menu items, and also to customize them with the Menu Item Settings.

  • Header Presets - can be used to instantly create a great-looking header. Just open the Header Presets panel, click on one of the presets, and the header will be created automatically using that layout. The PRO version brings in 3 extra presets.

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