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Install & Configure the Neve Pro Addon

Neve Pro (Addon) is a plugin, the premium version of the Neve theme and you can get it from here.

1. Install & activate the Neve theme. For more details, you can check Neve's documentation or this dedicated video

2. Get your copy of Neve Pro Addon from your Purchase History

3. Install & activate the Neve Pro Addon plugin. Check this doc for more details on how to install Neve Pro Addon or any other plugin.

4. Configure the Neve Pro Addon. Navigate to Neve > Neve Options > Neve Pro where you will find all the available modules. You can enable/disable them as you wish.

Pricing Options

Neve Pro Addon comes in 3 different pricing packages, specially designed to accommodate everyone's needs. Not all modules are available in all packages. Check below the list of modules for each package.

Personal Business Agency
Header Booster
Header Booster
Header Booster
Blog Booster
Blog Booster
Blog Booster
Custom Layouts
Custom Layouts
Custom Layouts
Custom Sidebars
Custom Sidebars
Custom Sidebars
Post Type Enhancements
Post Type Enhancements
Post Type Enhancements
- - Block Editor Booster
Elementor Booster
Elementor Booster
Elementor Booster
Scroll to Top
Scroll to Top
Scroll to Top
Typekit Fonts
Typekit Fonts
Typekit Fonts
Performance module
Performance module
Performance module
Content Restriction
Content Restriction
Content Restriction
- WooCommerce Booster
WooCommerce Booster
- Easy Digital Downloads Booster
Easy Digital Downloads Booster
- LifterLMS Booster
LifterLMS Booster
- Premium Starter Sites
Premium Starter Sites
- - White Label
- - Template Cloud Access

Modules in detail

Below you can find a short description of each module. Please make sure you check each module's detailed documentation.

1. Header Booster

This module aims to enhance the Header and Footer builder's capabilities by adding new awesome components, sticky and transparent menu and socials. For more information regarding the Header and Footer Builder as a part of the free version, please have a look at  Neve's guide here.

Read more about the Header Booster

2. Blog Booster

The Blog Pro module brings a handful of options to explore and play with in addition to the already existing ones. In order to explore its options, we must first activate it.

Read more about the Blog Booster

3. Custom Layouts

After activating the module, you would first need to reload the dashboard page. After reloading, you should be able to notice a new sub-menu item was added under Neve:

In order to use the tools provided within this module, you need to go to Neve > Neve Options > Neve Pro > Custom Layouts, and you can create a new Custom Layout & edit it using Elementor. For more details, check the screen recording below:

Read more about the Custom Layouts

4. Block Editor Booster

This module brings a set of new blocks for the WordPress block editor and requires Neve Pro in combination with the Otter Blocks plugin.

Read more about the Block Editor Booster

5. Elementor Booster

Neve is partially built using the Elementor page builder and some of its features can be customized through this plugin. In order to take advantage of this module, you would first need to install and activate Elementor. If you don't know how to install & activate a new plugin, you can learn more in this guide.

The Elementor Booster module brings a lot of awesome features that can make your page fun and interactive. All you need to do after configuring the widgets is press on Publish and that's all!

Read more about the Elementor Booster

6. Scroll to Top

This module, as the name suggests, is enabling the Scroll To Top feature which can be noticed on almost every page. Furthermore, you can customize the style of the Scroll To Top icon according to your website's needs. For instance, you can choose to disable it on mobile, you can choose its position on the page. You can change the arrow and the icon background colors and adjust its size and border-radius with the sliders at the bottom. 

Read more about Scroll to Top

7. Typekit(Adobe) Fonts

The module allows for an easy way of enabling new awesome Adobe (previous Typekit) Fonts in Neve's Typography options.

Read more about Typekit(Adobe) Fonts

8. Performance module

This module adds a few options to improve the speed of the site based on the existing plugins and options.

Read more about the Performance module

9. WooCommerce Booster

Empower your online store with awesome new features, specially designed for smooth WooCommerce integration.

Read more about the WooCommerce Booster

10. Easy Digital Downloads Booster

Choose the desired layout for the downloads archive page with grid options and configure the action button for the items listed there.

Read more about the Easy Digital Downloads Booster

11. LifterLMS Booster

Boost your user's learning process with cool new features designed to work smoothly with LifterLMS.

Read more about the LifterLMS Booster

12. White Label

The White Label Module is giving you the opportunity to make Neve and Neve Pro Addon your own. What I mean is that you can, in fact, change the plugin and theme name according to your preferences in order to fully personalize it. These changes will take place on your WP-admin page under Appearance > Themes and Plugins page:

After enabling the White Label Module, navigate to its settings:

After clicking on Settings, you should be taken to a page similar to this:

Here, you can personalize 3 different things:

  • Agency Branding - lets you add your own agency's information 
  • Theme Branding - lets you change the Neve theme's name and description into custom ones of your choice. Furthermore, you can choose a different screenshot.
  • Plugin Branding - lets you change Neve Pro Addon's name and description according to your preferences.

Read more about the White Label

13. Custom Sidebars

The Custom Sidebar module allows you to create sidebars that suit your needs for any page. It can be displayed for a specific part of the website, using conditions. They can be found under the Widgets area in Appearance > Widgets.

Read more about the Custom Sidebars module

14. Post Type Enhancements

This module extends the theme individual options available for regular posts, on custom post types.

Read more about the Post Type Enhancements module

15. LMS Integration

Want to build an eLearning website? Have some online courses that you want to integrate into your site? 

Whether you use LifterLMS or LearnDash, Neve Pro has you covered. Read more about the LifterLMS Booster module or LearnDash integration in Neve.

16. Template Cloud Access

The Template Cloud Access is a personalized library associated with your license key for Neve Pro, which allows templates to be saved here for later use.

Read more about Neve Template Cloud Library

17. Content Restriction

The Content Restriction module allows you to restrict several content types across your website based on users, user roles, or passwords.

Read more about Neve Template Cloud Library

šŸŽ„ Video - Getting Started with the Neve Theme

Upgrade to Neve Pro on this page.

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