The Product Tabs Manager Module - Sparks

πŸ“ Note: The Product Tabs Manager module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here.

This option helps you customize the  Products tabs on the shop product page. You can add new tabs and reorder them as you want.

πŸ–² Activating the Module

Install the Sparks plugin, using these instructions.
Navigate to Settings > Sparks and activate the module.

🧰 Using the Product Tabs Manager

Global tabs

In order to access the features of this module, make sure you follow this path:

πŸ“ WooCommerce > Product Tabs

From here,  global tabs can be created to be used by multiple products. This can be controlled from the tab options by selecting the categories of the products that should display the current tab.

The custom global tabs (here: Specifications) can be edited with the WordPress blocks editor, and for choosing the categories of the products where the tabs will appear, you can mark/unmark them in the right sidebar.

For both custom global tabs and default global tabs, you can use the Quick Edit option that appears when you hover over the tabs and make some changes there, like changing the title of the tabs, picking categories, controlling their visibility, etc. Apart from this, the Edit button allows you to change the title of the global tab.

πŸ“ Note: The default global tabs cannot be edited inside the WordPress editor but by using the Edit button.

For example, the above configured tab will be displayed for all products from the Calendars and Books & Magazines categories.

An important thing to note is that if  no category has been selected, the custom tab will be applied to all products


If the custom tab has some categories for which it will be displayed, then the products from those categories will have the custom tab.

Individual Product Custom tabs

πŸ“ Note: The custom sorting works only in the Sorting tab. The All / Published tabs do not provide this feature.

This feature is available for  each particular product and offers the possibility of adding custom tabs for the current product only.

For adding a custom tab to the current product, edit it, then navigate to Product data > Product tabs.  Make sure you check the Override default tab layout checkbox; otherwise, the tabs will not be accessible.

Using the hamburger icon, you can drag and drop tabs to reorder them.

πŸ“ Note: Please note that you'll only see the default tabs of WooCommerce here and the custom ones you add. The global tabs mentioned in the above chapter don't appear here.

The  custom tabs added in this section can't be edited with the WordPress blocks editor. The formatting options are available below the text area.

There are  multiple options in the Custom Tab dropdown: Description, Additional Information, and Reviews. As you can see, the ones different from the Custom Tab have the same name as the WooCommerce default tabs. This means that you can use them only to replace the default tabs.

πŸ“ Note: In order to add a new Description / Additional Information / Reviews tab, you have to remove the existing ones from WooCommerce.

Changing Visibility and Sorting

Another interesting fact is that you can control the tabs' visibility and rearrange them.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Product Tabs and then click on Sorting.

Once you have clicked on Sorting, the visibility ( πŸ‘ )  and rearranging the tabs becomes accessible. 

To  change the  visibility of a product tab, just click on the icon.

For example, we have turned the Reviews tab into not visible here. This means that the Reviews tab will no longer appear on the product page:

Also, you can drag and drop the tabs, to rearrange them.

πŸŽ₯ Video - How to use the Product Tabs

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