How to set featured image for generated posts

MPG plugin allows you to set featured images for the generated posts or pages. To achieve this it's needed to have the data (URLs of images) in your source file.

Source file

To set featured images MPG looks in your source file for a column named as "image", in that column there should be an URL of an image stored online that will be used as a featured image for each generated post page. Example: If you use such a source file, it means, that from the 8 pages generated, there will be 2 pages (rows 7 and 8) that will have featured images on them. They will be displayed based on where featured image is displayed by your theme, the same as any physical page created.

📝 Note: Please keep in mind that your theme might not show featured images on pages or posts, it means that dynamically generated pages by MPG won't have featured images as well, even if they exist in the source file. If you're not sure, first test example physical pages that have featured images attached to confirm that your theme shows featured images on single posts/pages. doc.

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