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  • How to Add Widgets to Single Posts in FSE Themes?

    If you were accustomed to the old widgets panel that appeared in Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets, that's not the case for the FSE themes anymore, as the only way to customize the templates is with

  • Neve Header Transparent (PRO)

    πŸ“ Note: Header transparent is part of Neve Pro's Header Booster module. The Transparent Header option allows you to create beautiful-looking headers easily. Enabling the transparent header option

  • How to set up your SMTP server?

    In order to set up the SMTP server, you will have to follow a small setup before: 1 Install the WP Mail SMTP plugin. 2 Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you will have to configure it

  • Orbit Fox Documentation

    Orbit Fox is a multi-functional plugin that extends your theme by adding extra features. This plugin is designed to put the user first so all the settings can be found under the admin dashboard.

  • How to install PPOM free and pro version?

    This article will explain how you can install and activate the free and premium versions of PPOM. There are a few steps that need to be done. install free version install pro version Installing the

  • How to change the default feed ordering in Feedzy?

    πŸ“ Note: The steps provided in this article are available for Feedzy in a Widget/Shortcode and for the Feed to Post feature. Sometimes, due to the feed that you are using, the order of the feed posts

  • Animations - Elementor Booster

    πŸ“ Note: The Animations feature is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. The Animations feature lets you create amazing animations and shape your elements on different scales. Using the

  • Pro Charts Library

    πŸ“ Note: These charts are part of Visualizer: Charts and Graphs Pro, which you can get from here. Take a look at the complete documentation of the plugin here. Visualizer offers 11 extra charts for

  • How To Use WP Product Review Shortcodes

    This is a PRO feature, here's how to install this version if you've already purchased it. The WP Product Review plugin allows you to turn your boring text reviews to catchy product reviews, and it

  • How to Generate Featured Image using ChatGPT?

    πŸ“ Note: The Featured image generated with the ChatGPT feature is part of the Feed To Post import method in Feedzy RSS Feeds, and it is part of the Developer and Agency plans. Using the feature

  • Elementor Booster Module Documentation

    πŸ“ Note: The Elementor Booster module is part of Neve Pro which you can get from here. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation. In

  • How to Import Full Content with Images?

    πŸ“ Note: This feature is part of the premium version of Feedzy RSS Feeds, which you can get from here. Some feeds use lazy-loading image placeholders, which is why, when using the #item_full_content

  • How to fix: 'The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize' error

    Did you try to install one of our themes/plugins and got the following error: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. This happens because of the upload file limits of

  • How to add an image to post?

    After you have created a post, it's time to make it more appealing to your website's visitors by adding pictures. When creating a post, there are two ways for adding an image: Adding a featured image

  • How to create a custom 404 page in Neve Pro

    Using Neve Pro's Custom Layouts module you can easily create custom headers, footers, 404 pages, or hooks in specific areas. In this doc, we'll focus on the 404 ( not found ) pages and how you can

  • What happens if I do not renew my subscription

    Our premium features provide an extensive range of customizations to elevate your website's functionality and aesthetics. Having a valid license key ensures your access to the best features, receive

  • Content Switcher Widget

    πŸ“ Note: The Content Switcher widget is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. The Content Switcher is ideal for the pricing tables because this will display the details of each of the selected

  • How to create a page with post categories with pictures?

    There are two scenarios to be covered in this article: the default page that appears once you have grouped multiple posts under the same category, and adding it to the menu to be easily accessible

  • How to add animations to charts in Visualizer

    Animations can be a good way to make your chart more interactive, and fortunately, Google's Chart API allows us to add animations to charts in Visualizer. There are two ways of adding animations to

  • How to load Neve fonts locally

    Hosting the Google Fonts locally in the Neve theme can be easily achieved in two ways: Enabling the option in Customizer Using a code snippet Installing a Site Specific plugin Please note that

  • Fix insert into post not working in Zerif Widgets

    This video shows a workaround for adding images to the Zerif widgets until the "Insert into post" button not working issue is fixed.

  • Lazy Loading vs Eager Loading

    🐌 Lazy Loading Lazy loading is a feature that enhances the speed and performance of your website by loading only the necessary page elements and preserving unnecessary resources if the user doesn't

  • How to Design Your Own MPG Template Page using Gutenberg or Elementor?

    The following steps can be used to design the template page that will be used in the MPG project so that the pages will look similar. The MPG project can be created using page generation from scratch

  • What actions and filters are available in WP Product Review

    Available Filters wppr_templates_dir apply_filters( 'wppr_templates_dir', $dirs ) where $dirs: array of directories that contain the templates Example wppr_field apply_filters( 'wppr_field', $output,

  • The Live Search Feature - Otter Features Library

    πŸ“Note: This feature is part of Otter Pro, Agency, which you can get from here. The Live Search feature enhances the core block Search by adding two additional attributes ( isLive and postTypes )

  • ShopIsle recommended image sizes

    The following dimensions are the dimensions we used for our ShopIsle Pro demo - Slider Images: 1600px width x 1101px height - Product Images: 262px width x 325px height - Headers Images: 1200px width

  • Neve Page Options

    Neve offers a set of options for the Page layout, which applies by default on all the existing and newly-created pages. πŸ“Note: Some of the options are also integrated into the individual page

  • The Search Icon Component - Neve Header / Footer Builder

    πŸ“Note: This component is part of the Neve Header / Footer Builder. The Search Icon component is the icon that after being pressed, helps the user to find certain things from your website. 🧰Using

  • Hestia Pro - Hide/remove page titles and metadata

    This article will help you hide the titles and metadata ("Published by") in your posts and/or pages when using Hestia Pro. Removing Metadata Removing Title Removing Metadata Remove the "Published by

  • WP Product Review Documentation

    Learn how to customize and set up WP Product Review How to download the plugin How to install WP Product Review Lite How to create review articles Add a Buy Button (affiliate link) What will the

  • How to download your invoice

    Thank you for choosing our products. In order to download your invoice, please log in to your ThemeIsle Account. 1 Click on the Purchase history tab. 2 Next to the plan description, click on the

  • Progress Circle Widget

    πŸ“ Note: The Progress Circle widget is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. The Progress Circle widget works like a progress tracker, in an animated way. Adding the widget Customizing the

  • Content Protection - Elementor Booster

    πŸ“ Note: The Content Protection option is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. The Content Protection option gives you the opportunity to restrict any Elementor content from certain people

  • How to hide footer copyright credits in Hestia?

    πŸ“ Note: The following steps are available in the premium version of Hestia, which you can get from here. The free version does not provide customizations for footer copyrights. 1 Navigate to

  • Neve Recommended Image Sizes

    The image size can vary according to the design and layout of the website. However, here are some recommended dimensions for Neve's areas: post thumbnails / featured images - 930px x 620px thumbnail

  • How to build a site in WordPress from scratch

    Looking to start your new WordPress-based website from scratch? Great! We created this comprehensive video tutorial on how to create your website from the beginning. This includes how to purchase a

  • How to Only Show Zerif Section Menu Links On Homepage

    This guide applies to any of our one page themes where you might want to hide the section menu links when not on the homepage. Please install: Go to

  • Change list style in Neve

    βͺ Before By default, Neve uses circles for unordered lists, as seen in the image below: ⏩ After To change the list style to a black dot, add the following CSS code in Appearance > Customize >

  • How to add new social icons to Zelle footer

    Adding new icons or replacing old icons in Zelle theme isn't really hard. It takes only one line of code to do this job. Before we start this tutorial, please make sure that you're using a child

  • How to turn off loading animations in Zelle

    You can turn off the the animation effects that you see when Zelle theme loads a section, by adding the following code to the functions.php file of your child theme: function zerif_animation_script()

  • How to remove the product zoom effect in Hestia

    The product thumbnail in the Hestia theme is zoomed when the user hovers over the image. This can be disabled by adding the following code at the end of the functions.php file of the child theme.

  • Slider images showing blurred

    It's really easy to overcome the blurred image problem. Just follow the steps given below: 1) Use recommended image size for your slider i.e. (1920x1232)px 2) When you upload an image, please scroll

  • Neve Mega Menu (Pro) - Header Booster

    πŸ“Note: Neve Mega Menu is part of the Neve Pro Header Booster Module which you can get from here. The Mega Menu of Neve allows you to present the sub-items of a certain panel in a better preview, add

  • The Advanced Search Icon Component - Neve Header / Footer Builder

    πŸ“Note: This component is part of the Neve Header / Footer Builder. The Advanced Search Icon component is the icon that after being pressed, helps the user to find certain things from your website

  • How to Change Zelle Sidebar Color

    In case you don't have a CSS plugin, we advise you install Advanced CSS Editor plugin and follow the instructions. In Appearance -> Customize -> Advanced CSS Editor add the following code. If you are

  • Make Zelle Header always visible on mobile

    Our theme Zelle Lite does not have the option, to use a Sticky Header on mobile. We have although created an alternative for you, to help you out with that. Please install our Advanced CSS Editor

  • How to Build a Membership Website?

    Membership websites are gaining popularity as online platforms that offer members exclusive content, discussions, and privileges in exchange for a recurring fee. If you are interested in creating a

  • How to change the Color of the Stars based on Rating?

    The Product Review block is an indispensable tool for an online shop, and Otter offers such a block. If you want to change the color of the stars based on the rating, follow these steps: 1 Download

  • How to change the font size of slider text in Hestia

    To change the font size of the slider text in Hestia add the following CSS in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS section. .carousel .hestia-title { font-size: 70px; } .carousel span.sub-title {

  • How to change the background color of the sub menu in Neve

    The drop-down menu available in the Neve header builder with the Primary Menu component inherits its background-color from the header row. If you want to set a different background-color just for the