The Product Quick View Module - Sparks

📝 Note: The Product Quick View module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here.

The Product Quick View is an essential tool in e-commerce because it facilitates the customer's experience, allowing them to quickly look at the product and explore its options without entering the product page.

🖲 Activating the plugin

Install the Neve PRO plugin, using these instructions.
Install Sparks and activate Neve license key.
Navigate to Settings > Sparks and activate the module.

🖌 Configuring the module

Once you have activated the module, click on the  Configure button to start using it.

From that point, you will be able to access quick view's options:

  • Enable - click on this to enable a quick view of the products displayed on the Shop page.

⚙️General Settings

  • Button position - select from the three available positions ( none / top / bottom ).
    • Top

    • Bottom

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