How to Configure the Very Top Bar in Zelle

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In this doc, we'll show you how to configure the very top bar in Zelle. 

The first step is to activate the very top bar so please navigate to  Appearance > Customizer > Very Top Bar and check the "Display very top bar " option. The option is unchecked by default.

Layout Options

There are two layout options available for the top bar which contains a widget area and a top menu section. By default, the menu it's positioned on the left side while the widget area is on the right. You also have an option to change this layout.

Note: Only the area on the left side will be displayed on mobile devices (responsive mode).

Top Bar Content

In this field, you can add text or HTML which appears in the widget area section of top bar. 

Configure Top Menu

Create a menu to display in very top bar like any other menu by navigating to Appearance > Menus and check Very Top Bar Menu option in display location.

Changing the colors

In  Appearance > Customizer > Very Top Bar, you also have options for changing the background color of the entire section as well as the text and links colors. You can easily play with them.

Displaying only menu/widget area

If you want to have only one of the areas ( menu or widget area ) you need to just don't select a menu for the Top menu location or keep the top content area empty.

How to show Contact information in the Very Top Bar Menu

The top bar content field supports HTML so you can add the following code to display email and phone number in the top bar.

<span><i class="fa fa-envelope"></i><a href=""></a></span><span style="padding-left:10px;">
<i class="fa fa-phone"></i> <a href="tel:1-800-123-4567">1-800-123-4567</a></span>

How to show social media icons in Top bar

You need to download and activate the Menu Icons plugin: to show the social icons in the top bar. For step by step process please follow this guide.

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