How to use hCaptcha with Otter?

The hCaptcha protects your websites from bots, spam, and other forms of abuse. Unlike reCaptcha, the hCaptcha focuses on the image labeling side, which may increase privacy. To use hCaptcha with Otter, follow these steps:

⚙️ Configuring the hCaptcha


Install the hCaptcha for WordPress plugin.


Go to Settings > hCaptcha and insert the credentials.


Switch to the Integrations tab and enable Otter > Form.


Scroll down and save the changes.

🗂 Use Case - Subscribe Form inside the Popup

After this, navigate to the page where you want to add the Form block. In this example, we have chosen to display a form block on each post. For this, we have followed these steps:


Using the Neve theme, go to Appearance > Neve Options > Custom Layouts.


Create a new Custom Layout > Template > Global.


Configure the conditional logic to appear for Post Type is Posts.


Open the editor, insert a Popup block, and then a Subscribe Form block inside.


Configure the Form block, then go to Form Options.


Click on the three dots and check the Enable reCaptcha option.

The Otter Blocks allows integration with the hCaptcha plugin, so it will appear on the frontend if you insert the credentials as described in the first section.

Publish the changes, then go to the page to check how it looks.


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