How to use Hestia Patterns?

Hestia introduces templates that enable you to effortlessly replicate and implement sections both on the homepage and throughout the entire website. This streamlines the utilization of the original Hestia design with minimal difficulty.

🧰 Using the Patterns


Navigate to a post/page and open it.


Inside the editor, click on the top left of the editor plus button.


Switch to the Patterns tab.


Click on Explore all patterns and insert the desired ones.

Another way to do this is by clicking on the plus button directly on the page and searching for keywords or for the name of the patterns (see below).

🗂 Patterns Library

Team Cards

Team Columns

Team card columns

Pricing plan columns

Call to action

Testimonial columns

Content with alternating image and text

Image and text columns

Latest posts row

Latest posts wide

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