How to keep html in feed items content

Do not remove HTML tags from the summary and/or use the item content instead of it description

function tifd_summary_input( $description, $content, $feedURL ) {
    //If you want to use the item content as the description. If not, then remove this line
    //If feed don't have content meta, $content is already equal to $description
    $description = $content;
    //List of feeds you don't want to remove HTML tags
    $feedList = array (
    //Remove the item HTML tags (as in the default hook) if not in the above list
    if( !in_array( $feedURL, $feedList ) ) {
        $description = trim( strip_tags( $description ) );
    //Remove hellip (as in the default hook) 
    //Keep in mind that it will be added later in the plugin render
    $description = trim( chop( $description, '[…]' ) );
    return $description;
remove_filter( 'feedzy_summary_input', 'feedzy_summary_input_filter', 9 );
add_filter( 'feedzy_summary_input', 'tifd_summary_input', 10, 3 );