How To Make No-Follow Links in Hestia?

No-follow links are hyperlinks on web pages that are tagged with a specific HTML attribute called "rel=nofollow." This attribute tells search engines not to follow or crawl the linked URL and not to pass any link juice or authority to that particular link. 

Hestia has a dedicated filter that adds a 'no-follow' attribute for all external links.


Copy the below filter.

function hestia_remove_after_clients_bar_section_hook() {
	remove_filter( 'hestia_external_url_attr', 'hestia_external_url_attr_callback' );
function hestia_do_clients_bar_section() {
	add_filter( 'hestia_external_url_attr', 'hestia_external_url_attr_callback' );
function hestia_external_url_attr_callback( $attr ) {
	return $attr . ' rel="nofollow"';
add_action( 'hestia_before_clients_bar_section_hook', 'hestia_do_clients_bar_section' );
add_action( 'hestia_after_clients_bar_section_hook', 'hestia_remove_after_clients_bar_section_hook' );

Paste it into the functions.php file of the Hestia PRO theme.


Modify the filter to suit the targeted sections. In this example, it adds a 'no-follow' attribute for the external links in the Clients bar section.

⏪ Before

⏩ After

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