What's the difference between Elementor Booster vs Elementor Pro

Elementor Booster is a module of Neve Pro Addon plugin, the premium version of the Neve theme, that adds the following widgets to the Elementor library, so you can use them in the editor while Neve Pro is active.

  1. Flip Card
  2. Review Box
  3. Share Buttons
  4. Typed Headline
  5. Team Member
  6. Progress Circle
  7. Banner
  8. Content Switcher
  9. Custom Field

If you are looking for the premium version of Elementor, it can be purchased on this website.

Please note that Neve and Elementor work great together, they don't exclude each other, there are also starter sites available for import in Neve's library, made in Elementor.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have other concerns.

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