How to Change Hestia Pro Slider Speed

Hestia Pro adds a carousel to the header of your website which slides every 10 seconds. The time interval can be really slow for some sites but it can be changed with some JavaScript.

You can install the Orbit Fox plugin that allows you to easily add JavaScript code in the Customizer, or on each page, if you don't want it to run sitewide ( details here ).

After installing the plugin, you can navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header/Footer scripts, and add the following JavaScript to the Footer scripts field - screenshot:

jQuery( window ).load(function () {
    if ( jQuery( '.carousel' ).length > 0 ) {
        jQuery( '.carousel' ).data()['bs.carousel'].options.interval = 10000;

You can change the interval time from 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds) to your preferred time interval.

📝Note: For adding the above code just on the front page, navigate to Dashboard > Pages, edit the page assigned as the front page and use the Footer scripts field - screenshot

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