How to edit the blog page

Editing the blog page of a WordPress website is a popular question, however, it's not that easy to achieve it.

The tricky part here is that the blog page isn't actually a page. WordPress automatically creates such pages to list the posts available on a website based on criteria like the most recent published posts(this is the one for the blog page). The style and layout of this page are defined by the theme you are using, and similar pages are also created automatically by WordPress for listing posts within the same category or published by an author; those are called archive pages.

Editing a blog page can be achieved by creating it from scratch on a new empty page, and linking it to the main menu of your website or where you want it to be visible (footer, sidebar, in a banner).

After creating an empty page, you can install the Otter Blocks plugin which is available for free on There is a block there called Posts which is available in the WordPress editor, and also as an Elementor widget called Post Type Grid if you prefer this editor.

Posts in Otter

Posts Type Grid in Elementor

The same options are available between the Gutenberg block and the Elementor widget, such as

  • Post Type: Posts, Pages, Products, Portfolios and so on
  • Category
  • Style: Grid | List
  • Number of columns
  • Sorting options
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