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  • PPOM Free Input Types

    PPOM is an essential tool that can increase your online shop's popularity by adding various free and pro meta input fields. Text Input Select Input Checkbox Input Date Input Hidden Input Textarea

  • How to Randomize Content Using Spintax and Nested Spintax in MPG?

    πŸ“ Note: This feature is available in both MPG Free as well as MPG Premium. You can benefit from this feature as well as many more with MPG PRO which you can get from here. In this article the

  • How to translate Neve using WPML?

    In this guide, we'll cover how to translate any item of Neve with the WPML plugin. The same approach applies to other Themeisle themes, such as Hestia Pro. 🧰Tools needed The Neve theme - here is the

  • Why is my site so slow?

    πŸ“ Note: Take a look at any of our theme demos – for Neve or Hestia – you’ll see that they perform rather well, even despite being emulated on the fly. If you bought a theme from us and once it is

  • The Logo & Site Identity Component - Neve Header / Footer Builder

    πŸ“Note: This component is part of the Neve Header / Footer Builder. The Logo & Site Identity component increases your website's credibility by displaying a unique profile. 🧰Using the Component 1 A

  • How do I extract values from custom tags in Feedzy?

    πŸ“Note: This Premium feature is available only with the Developer and Agency plans. If you've already purchased one of the two plans, you need to have both the Lite & Pro versions of the plugin

  • Templates Cloud Library

    πŸ“ Note: The Templates Cloud is a premium plugin, which you can get from here. The Templates Cloud is a personalized library associated with your license key. Pages or posts created with Gutenberg,

  • In WPPR, how do I...

    Here are some of the hooks you can use with the WP Product Review plugin. Note that some of these customizations may require you to have the premium version of the plugin. To see the list of hooks

  • How to build a landing page in WordPress [ OTTER ]

    This article aims to present you how to build your own landing page, from the scratch, using the WordPress Editor and some tools. Tools Needed: πŸ” A theme for your website - you can find our themes

  • How to change post meta data in Hestia

    How to change the subtitle text/information in Hestia? 1. First and most important, make sure you are using a child theme. Follow this doc to create a child theme for Hestia. 2. In your child theme's

  • How to Use Webhooks in Otter Forms?

    πŸ“ Note: This article presents specific settings of the Otter Forms, and it is a premium feature that you can get from here. The Otter Forms creates a wide palette of use cases, including the

  • How to customize colors, font-size and padding in Hestia

    This guide covers how to change colors, font-size, or padding ( space ) within the front page sections of Hestia Pro by using custom CSS code, in case there isn't an option in the theme for the

  • How to make menu non-sticky in Zelle

    If you want to make header menu of your Zelle Lite/Pro non-sticky then it can be done using a small CSS tweak. Add the following code in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS: #main-nav{ position:

  • Otter Blocks documentation

    Otter is a powerful collection of page-building blocks and templates for the WordPress block editor. The expanding library of page building blocks incorporates all the necessary elements to build

  • Lazy Loading vs Eager Loading

    🐌 Lazy Loading Lazy loading is a feature that enhances the speed and performance of your website by loading only the necessary page elements and preserving unnecessary resources if the user doesn't

  • WP-CLI Commands in Neve

    The neve CLI support provides an interface for performing theme-related operations, such as activating the theme, the license key, it modules from the command line. First, make sure CLI is installed

  • Getting Started with the Podcast Starter Site

    This Starter Site is designed to help you create and grow a website for your podcast using Neve. It's available in both Gutenberg and Elementor versions and includes a layout foundation that is easy

  • Instagram Widget - Elementor Booster

    πŸ“ Note: The Instagram Widget is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. This one is one of the most exciting features of the Elementor Booster module. It ensures the engagement of the public by

  • How to import theme mods when switching from a ThemeIsle Hestia child theme to Hestia

    Add this piece of code in Hestia/Hestia PRO's functions.php file just at the end: add_action( 'after_switch_theme', 'hestia_import_theme_mods_from_themeisle_child_themes' ); /** * Import theme mods

  • How to Modify Review Block Schema?

    The Product Review block, by default, displays the product name, rating, pros, and cons, price, as well as some key characteristics. These appear in the structured data of the post where the block is

  • How to link Menu to Sections in Zelle

    Zelle theme focuses on the one-page parallax design. And to do that, we have divided the front-page of our theme in multiple sections. And linking those sections from menu is very simple, all you

  • Animations - Elementor Booster

    πŸ“ Note: The Animations feature is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. The Animations feature lets you create amazing animations and shape your elements on different scales. Using the

  • How to Change Hamburger Menu Color & Dropdown color on mobile in Zelle

    In case the color of the Hamburger Menu has doesn't fit with the rest of the website design, you can make those changes with some simple custom code. You need to go to

  • How to display Last Modified date in Hestia

    If you're running a news blog or where the content is constantly being updated then you might want to display the last modified date in your blog posts instead of the date of article being published.

  • Particles - Elementor Booster

    πŸ“ Note: The Particles effect is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. The Particles effect boosts your website's appearance by displaying interactive atoms, making it easy to place them in