How to switch from Zelle to Neve

We know how much some of you still love Zelle's ( formerly named Zerif ) design, and that is why we've made it easy for all of you to switch to Neve while still keeping the look and feel of Zelle.

📝Note: The steps presented in this guide require a Neve Pro subscription, Business, or Agency, as the front page of Zelle Pro created in Elementor was integrated into Neve as a premium starter site; that's why the license tier for Neve Pro is important in this regard.

The Zelle front page template made with the WordPress editor is the same as the Travel Agency starter site's front page, which you can get following these instructions.

For switching from Zelle(Zerif) to Neve without losing your current frontpage, please follow the steps below:


Install and activate the Neve theme in Dashboard > Appearance > Themes

Now that the Neve theme is installed and active, download the Neve Pro plugin from your Themeisle account, install and activate it (steps here), and make sure you have a Business or Agency license key for it.


Install and activate the  Cloud Templates & Patterns collection plugin in Dashboard > Plugins.


Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Starter Sites and choose Migrate Zelle.

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