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🧰 Using the Feature

The Otter plugin allows you to insert dynamic values only by adding the " %" symbol anywhere inside the editor. The dynamic values can import information and automatically display it on your website.

Once you added a value from the list, you will be able to make some customizations by clicking on it:

📝 Note: You can use dynamic values to display magic tags anywhere on your website, not only in the editor. Check this doc to learn more about it.

If you click somewhere outside the containing block, you will be able to check the live preview of the dynamic value:

Apart from directly adding a dynamic value, you can also select a previously added word / phrase and convert it into a dynamic value by clicking on the 🔽 icon and selecting the Dynamic Value from the list of options.

After that, the  popup with item customizations will appear on the screen. It contains specific options depending on the data type.

Also, the Advanced tab allows you to introduce text before and after the dynamic value.

📝 Note: If you change the data type, the text inserted in the advanced tab will not be inherited. You can modify it.

This feature integrates with the ACF plugin through the Post Custom Field option. You can add the meta key of the custom fields created with this plugin.

📝 Note: Here you can learn more about the free and pro available dynamic values.

🗂 Use Cases

Dynamic Values in Custom Layouts

  • Creating a single post template using dynamic content and Custom Layouts - check this video
  • Design dynamic archive pages using dynamic content and Custom Layouts - check this video 

📝 Note: Check this doc for further information about the custom layouts in Neve.

Dynamic Values in Custom Taxonomies

Using Otter, you can also display dynamic values for custom taxonomies.


Navigate to Plugins > Add New and install the CPT UI plugin.


Once it's activated, go to CPT UI > Add/Edit Taxonomies.


Insert the details of the desired custom taxonomy (e.g. Movies).


Populate the new taxonomy with corresponding fields (e.g. Drama, Comedy).


Create/navigate to a post and attach it to the created taxonomy.


Insert a dynamic value, data type - Post Terms.


Unser the Settings accordion, insert type Custom, and the corresponding taxonomy slug.


🎥Video - How to use Dynamic Content?

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