How to Randomize Content Using Spintax?

Using MPG Spintax to generate random text is easy and fun, besides improving your SEO efforts!

  • Head over to your MPG Project and go to the Spintax tab.
  • Either type in spintax expression, such as {a|the|one} {quick|fast} {brown|silver} {fox|dog|wolf} or paste an entire section from your website.
  • Press "Spin!" to test the spinning.
  • If all looks good, press “Copy expression” and insert it where applicable on your MPG template page.

Each of the generated pages will remember its Spintax. If you need to reset it, simply click on “Flush Cache” at the bottom of the Spintax tab in your MPG Project.
You can copy spintax-expression on the pages of your website using the "Copy expression" button, and paste in a template page, or just in a regular Wordpress pages or posts.
The shortcode will looks like:
[mpg_spintax  project_id="1" block_id="1025"]{beautiful|gorgeous|amazing} {city|place} {New York City|Cleveland} [/mpg_spintax]
As a value of attribute "project_id" you need to set an id of the project with the spintax-shortcode will be related.
If you're using a few spintax-shortcodes on the same page - set any unique value in "block_id" attribute, for each block, like a 1, 2, etc.
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