How to Randomize Content Using Spintax and Nested Spintax in MPG?

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🗂What is randomized content otherwise known as Spintax?

The term Spintax is actually coming from the merging of two different words: Spinning and Syntax. This means that the entire concept is to take an article and create original content by providing that article with multiple options, that way, every time someone opens the article, they can see different content (phrasing) but with the same idea.

As a quick example we can consider the following sentence: Would you like to see a lion at the zoo? 

By implementing randomized content, we can create multiple phrases from this one by writing it as follows: Would you like to see a {lion|tiger|zebra} at the zoo?

If we write it like this, then the plugin will be able to "spin" the content based on what you wrote and provide one of the following phrases back:

  • Would you like to see a lion at the zoo?
  • Would you like to see a tiger at the zoo?
  • Would you like to see a zebra at the zoo?

The resulting or spun articles have texts from the original article randomly changed while retaining the overall meaning that the search engine will consider unique, thus helping in improving your SEO.

⚙️What is Nested Spintax?

Nested Spintax applies the same concept as normal Spintax but the main difference is that now you provide even more possibilities. You can think of it as increasing the spinning level by one and the more Spintax you nest, the more possibilities will be spun.

As an example, we can continue nesting in the phrase used before. Now let's say we also have animals that start with a vowel, thus we would need to replace the "a" with an "an" to respect grammar. The previously mentioned phrase would be written as such: Would you like {a {lion|tiger|zebra}|an {ostrich|emu|iguana}}?

Now, our possibilities are multiplied by two:

  • Would you like a lion?
  • Would you like a tiger?
  • Would you like an iguana?
  • Would you like an emu?
  • Would you like a zebra?
  • Would you like an ostrich?

🧰 How to use Nested Spintax/Spintax in MPG?

Using MPG Spintax to generate random text is easy and fun, besides improving your SEO efforts!


Head over to your MPG Project and go to the Spintax tab.


Either type in spintax expression, such as {a|the|one} {quick|fast} {brown|silver} {fox|dog|wolf} or paste an entire section from your website.


Press "Spin!" to test the spinning.


If all looks good, press “Copy expression” and insert it where applicable on your MPG template page.

Each of the generated pages will remember its Spintax. If you need to reset it, simply click on “Flush Cache” at the bottom of the Spintax tab in your MPG Project.
You can copy the spintax- expression on the pages of your website using the "Copy expression" button, and paste it into a template page, or just in a regular WordPress page or post.
The shortcode will look like:
[mpg_spintax  project_id="1" block_id="1025"]{beautiful|gorgeous|amazing} {city|place} {New York City|Cleveland} [/mpg_spintax]
As a value of attribute "project_id", you need to set an id of the project with the spintax-shortcode will be related.
If you're using a few spintax-shortcodes on the same page - set any unique value in the "block_id" attribute, for each block, like a 1, 2, etc.
The spintax functionality via shortcodes can be used on any page you want by keeping the same structure and unique identifying parameters as explained above. To use such expressions on any page, just make sure an MPG project was deployed so the ID of the project can be used in the spintax shortcode.

If you want to see the use of Spintax in action you can check out this short video.

Check out this video

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