Migrating from WP Product Review to Otter's Review Block

We are no longer maintaining the WP Product Review plugin and if you use WPPR, we recommend that you install Otter and use its Review Block. We've made it easier for you to migrate your reviews from WPPR to Otter's Review Block.

First, make sure you've installed the Otter plugin. Also do not delete WP Product Review unless you've migrated all your old reviews.

Now you can visit any page that has a product review. From there, there are two ways to migrate from WP Product Review to Otter's Product Review block:

First Method

The first method is to import from WP Product Review's sidebar. You can open your post where you have the post review and open the WP Product Review's sidebar. From there you should see a Migrate to Block button in your Sidebar:

Second Method

Another way is to add a Product Review Block to a post where review is enabled and click on the Import Data plugin to import it to a block.

One thing is to note that this won't import the custom schema information that WP Product Review allowed. It only adds the schema of the review as Product Review.

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