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  • Remove category page header image in ShopIsle

    In ShopIsle theme, you can add an image to a specific category. This image appears on the Parent category page as a thumbnail of the category. It also appears in the header of the category page which

  • Change page loader background color in ShopIsle

    If you want to show five focus widgets in one line then, you need to install the plugin Advanced CSS Editor and in Appearance -> Customize -> Advanced CSS Editor in the "Global Area" add the

  • Page Builder Widgets - Orbit Fox module

    πŸ“ Note: This module is part of the Orbit Fox plugin. For more information about the plugin, please check the main documentation. This is a very useful module if you are using the Elementor or Beaver

  • Neve vs OceanWP - Which One Suits Your Needs?

    Being an open-source platform, WordPress is a top choice for building websites, and a wide palette of themes can make your job even easier, having a lot of features and presets. This article will

  • What are the Applicable Use Cases for MPG?

    There are dozens if not hundreds of use cases for MPG but here are some of the most popular ways our users use it to generate thousands of pages and drive tons of organic traffic: Location pages

  • How to duplicate front page sections in ShopIsle

    The front page sections of ShopIsle (Pro) can be edited from the WordPress Customizer. It is not possible to use them on other pages or to duplicate a certain section. A workaround for this

  • How to Hide a Post from Archive Page?

    Hide certain posts from the archive page can be easily done using a dedicated plugin. Follow the steps below to do that: 1 Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. 2 Install the WordPress Hide

  • How to Manage Template Page in Neve FSE?

    The templates might be handy if you want to create a standard appearance for the pages/elements of your website. These can be easily added and designed from the FSE Editor. Edit Template Change

  • How to change the page template in WordPress

    πŸ“ Note: There is at least one custom page template file in your active Theme's folder. If you change your Theme, the page templates in your previously activated Theme will not display. In WordPress,

  • How to Create Your Own Data Source File?

    Creating a list from scratch The most effective MPG projects use a significant amount of unique data that users manually upload. In the beginning, you may have a simple starter CSV file where you

  • WP LandingKit

    With WP LandingKit, you can transform your single WordPress installation into a versatile tool for building landing pages and microsites. By mapping domains and domain URLs to any published resource

  • Conditional/Multiple Headers (PRO)

    πŸ“ Note: Multiple Headers are part of Neve Pro's Header Booster module. This is one of the most exciting features of the Header Booster module. It allows you to load different headers on different

  • Neve Documentation

    Neve is a super-fast, easily customizable, accessibility-ready, and multi-purpose theme. It’s perfect for blogs, small businesses, startups, agencies, firms, e-commerce shops, personal portfolio

  • MPG Project Main Options

    πŸ“ Note: This feature is part of the MPG plugin, which you can get from here. If you want to learn more about it, check out our dedicated doc. When creating a project, even if it's from scratch or by

  • How to Design Your Own MPG Template Page using Gutenberg or Elementor?

    The following steps can be used to design the template page that will be used in the MPG project so that the pages will look similar. The MPG project can be created using page generation from scratch

  • Change background color of innerpage and Home page sections

    If you want to change the color of Homepage sections and inner page in Hestia theme then please navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS section and add the following code: .main {

  • How to make search with AJAX (without page refresh)

    Hestia theme has a search out of the box, however, for search results to appear you need to click ENTER or Search and they will appear after a page refresh. This plugin modifies the default search to

  • Remove featured image on Individual Blog page in Hestia

    You might like to remove this image from the Blog Individual page: Go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS section in your WordPress Dashboard. Add the following code: .single-post

  • How to increase Post/Page header height in Hestia

    To add more height the post/page header area in hestia then start by going to Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS and add the following code: .page-header .container { height: 600px !important;

  • How to Create a Custom Layout for Shop Page?

    πŸ“ Note: The Custom Layouts are part of the Neve PRO Addon's modules. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation. This article will

  • Hestia Pro - Hide/remove page titles and metadata

    This article will help you hide the titles and metadata ("Published by") in your posts and/or pages when using Hestia Pro. Removing Metadata Removing Title Removing Metadata Remove the "Published by

  • How to Duplicate Front Page Sections in Zelle Pro

    The front page sections of Zelle Pro can be edited from the WordPress Customizer and reordered. It is not possible to use them on other pages or to duplicate a certain section. A workaround for this

  • How to change Front page meta tags/Search Appearance?

    Meta tags are pieces of code, visible only in the HTML code, responsible for the information about the website. Some of the most important meta tags are meta title and meta description. πŸ“Note: An

  • How to add categories on shop page using WooCommerce

    πŸ“ Note: This documentation assumes that you are using the WooCommerce plugin for your shop page. To add a new category on the shop page, these are the steps to follow: Step 1: Navigate to Dashboard

  • How to make the page full-width in Hestia

    Most of the pages in Hestia, blog/archive, single page, single post, has an option for displaying a sidebar. When this one is hidden, the content is just centered and not full width. Page without

  • Hestia Pro is now Custom Types Ready and fully compatible with Toolset plugins!

    One of the WordPress strengths is that it allows creating and displaying different types of content. Hestia Pro theme is now Custom Types Ready! This means that you can use Toolset plugins to create

  • Neve FSE Theme

    Neve is now compatible with full-site editing, which means that you can customize templates with a block-based approach. The ease of use of our theme stays in the fact that it is built using common

  • Templates in Neve's Custom Layouts

    πŸ“ Note: This is part of the Custom Layouts Module, which is available for the Neve Pro plans. 404 Page Single Post Single Page Search Archive πŸŽ₯ Video - How to Create Custom Layouts From Neve

  • Error when trying to activate MPG Pro Plan

    Error: ERROR WHEN TRYING TO ACTIVATE PREMIUM Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MPG_CoreModel in

  • How to Show WooCommerce Products on Home Page in Zerif

    It's really easy to customize WordPress themes, especially Zerif. Before we start this tutorial, please make sure that you're using a child theme. In your child theme functions.php file add the

  • How to change the category color on Hestia blog page

    In order to change the color of the categories displayed on the blog page, firstly you have to login to your WordPress dashboard which is also known as the WP-admin. Look towards the left of your

  • Change Related Post title on Post Page in Hestia theme

    This documentation will help you to you change the Related Posts title on the post pages in Hestia theme. You need to create or download a child theme for Hestia. Make sure to download the proper

  • How to create a custom 404 page in Neve Pro

    Using Neve Pro's Custom Layouts module you can easily create custom headers, footers, 404 pages, or hooks in specific areas. In this doc, we'll focus on the 404 ( not found ) pages and how you can

  • Value of a Custom Field for a Page / Post

    πŸ“Note: This Custom Field is used in combination with the Custom Layouts Module of Neve Pro. For more details about it check this doc. The value of a Custom Field for a Page / Post is the value typed

  • How to create a page with post categories with pictures?

    There are two scenarios to be covered in this article: the default page that appears once you have grouped multiple posts under the same category, and adding it to the menu to be easily accessible

  • How to change the category color on Hestia shop page

    On the shop page of Hestia Pro, the category within the product cards is getting a random color by default. If you want to use the same color for all of them, just add the following code in the

  • How to Generate a Sitemap?

    MPG requires its sitemap to be generated since the generated pages aren’t your typical WordPress entities. MPG entities are kept as β€˜virtual’. Though it has no negative SEO effect, since most

  • How to generate charts from JSON data/REST endpoints

    New hope! Let's say we want to plot the height and weight (nee mass) of different characters from everyone's favourite science fiction series Star Wars (the API is available here). We will use the

  • Custom Layouts in Hestia Pro

    πŸ“ Note: Custom Layouts are available in Hestia Pro, which you can get from here. The Custom Layouts module within Hestia Pro allows you to create a section, that can be edited with the WordPress

  • How to Integrate Shopify with WordPress?

    Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and operate online stores. It is known for its ease of use and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to businesses of

  • List of compatible products for Neve

    Neve is one of our most popular themes, while it is lightweight and has a minimalist design, the theme is extendable, it has a highly SEO optimized code, resulting in top rankings in Google search

  • How to change image size in Neve

    The images you uploaded might not look as expected on the following pages: Blog, Shop, Single Product. This can be due to the image size declared in the theme for those pages. It is possible to set

  • How to remove Footer Menu in Hestia

    First time when you install Hestia theme, it creates a menu and assign it the footer location. This menu contains by default all pages that you have. If you want to remove it, it's that simple.

  • Orbit Fox Documentation

    Orbit Fox is a multi-functional plugin that extends your theme by adding extra features. This plugin is designed to put the user first so all the settings can be found under the admin dashboard.

  • How to recreate Hestia PRO frontpage using page builders with shortcodes

    If you are using Hestia PRO and want to add new sections on the front page, you're in the right place. Recreating the front page sections is not a difficult process, the main accent falls on the

  • How to Link Your Logo to a Certain Page in Zelle

    In this doc we will show you how to link the logo to go somewhere else instead of homepage. First of all, please make sure that you're using a child theme with your Zelle theme. 1. Copy the

  • How to build a landing page in WordPress [ OTTER ]

    This article aims to present you how to build your own landing page, from the scratch, using the WordPress Editor and some tools. Tools Needed: πŸ” A theme for your website - you can find our themes

  • LightStart - Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon, and Landing Page Builder Documentation

    The LightStart - Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon, and Landing Page Builder plugin is a perfect tool for any website that lets visitors know your site is down for maintenance or add a coming soon page.

  • How to show contact section on each page in Hestia Pro

    If you are using Hestia Pro theme, it can be done easily without editing the code. Hestia Pro theme provides shortcodes of frontpage sections and we will use the shortcode of contact section

  • LifterLMS Booster Module Documentation

    πŸ“Note: LifterLMS Booster is part of Neve Pro Addon's modules. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation. Activating the module 1