Value of a Custom Field for a Page / Post

📝Note: This Custom Field is used in combination with the Custom Layouts Module of Neve Pro. For more details about it check this doc.

The value of a Custom Field for a Page / Post is the value typed by you into the specific area and it will appear on the website, depending on the Conditional Logic.

Step 1

Install and activate the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Step 2

Navigate to the new appeared panel ( Custom Field ) and click on the Add New button.

Step 3

Insert the details and memorize the Field Name, because we will need it later.

Step 4

Click on a certain Page / Post and modify the fields as you wish.

Step 5

Create a custom layout and click on the Add Custom Code button, because the Advanced Custom Field plugin works with PHP code.

Step 6

To display the value from a custom field, you can use a code like the following one.

📝Note: Here is the complete list with the functions used within the ACF plugin.


The value inserted into the Custom Field of a certain post will be displayed on your website, an example below.

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