How to Duplicate Front Page Sections in Zelle Pro

If you would like to duplicate the front page sections but instead with different data then this tutorial is for you.

First, start by installing this plugin:, after you have installed the plugin go to Appearance -> Widgets. Select the widget you want to make the section out of example the Team Member widget.

Add the widget to the "Widget Shortcode" sidebar generated by the previously installed plugin:

Fill in your data and then click save, a shortcode should then appear

Repeat this process until you have all your shortcodes created. Copy all your shortcodes to a notepad on your computer or alike and then go to Appearance -> Customize -> Shortcodes section and add a new field. Fill out the field and in the shortcodes area paste all your previously created shortcodes to create the section:

After you're done publish your changes and check your website. That's it!

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