How to Duplicate Front Page Sections in Zelle Pro

The front page sections of Zelle Pro can be edited from the WordPress Customizer and reordered. It is not possible to use them on other pages or to duplicate a certain section.

A workaround for this limitation is to use an Elementor template similar to the theme front page, where you can duplicate and move sections to other pages.

Download Zelle Pro front page template made in Elementor. In case the download button just opens a page, right-click on it and Save as .json file.

1. This can be imported in Dashboard -> Elementor/Templates -> Import templates, and upload the file linked above.

2. Now you can insert it on the page, by creating a new page and editing it with Elementor, click on the folder icon in the page content, and choose the imported template.

How to set this new page as the front page.

Navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading, choose A static page as the front page and select the newly created page.

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