How to change the category color on Hestia shop page

On the shop page of Hestia Pro, the category within the product cards is getting a random color by default. If you want to use the same color for all of them,

just add the following code in the Additional CSS editor on your website.

.woocommerce .products li:nth-of-type(6n+1) .category a, .woocommerce.archive .blog-post .products li:nth-of-type(6n+1) .category a,
.woocommerce .products li:nth-of-type(6n+2) .category a, .woocommerce.archive .blog-post .products li:nth-of-type(6n+2) .category a,
.woocommerce .products li:nth-of-type(6n+3) .category a, .woocommerce.archive .blog-post .products li:nth-of-type(6n+3) .category a,
.woocommerce .products li:nth-of-type(6n+4) .category a, .woocommerce.archive .blog-post .products li:nth-of-type(6n+4) .category a,
.woocommerce .products li:nth-of-type(6n+5) .category a, .woocommerce.archive .blog-post .products li:nth-of-type(6n+5) .category a,
.woocommerce .products li:nth-of-type(6n+6) .category a, .woocommerce.archive .blog-post .products li:nth-of-type(6n+6) .category a {
	color: #9c27b0;

A color picker that generates the hex value is available on this page.

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