How to Create Your Own Data Source File?

Creating a list from scratch

The most effective MPG projects  use a significant amount of unique data that users manually upload. In the beginning, you may have a simple starter CSV file where you keep data from which MPG will generate content. But over time you may easily add additional data to the source file and keep expanding your pages with more unique useful information for the best organic rankings.

Location Pages

Getting an existing location list off the internet

If you are generating location pages, it is often enough to google the list of your desired data sets and download what’s available. For example, if you need cities in Australia, simply googling “Australia cities CSV” will return many usable free resources to get started with. You can combine data from multiple resources for the most effective database, using Excel or Google Sheets (free). Some of the most effective location pages would use unique images and maps in the generated pages. Though generating corresponding images is an advanced process, generating maps requires only latitude and longitude information and a Google API account.

Using MPG Library

You can also import one of our location templates from the MPG Library. Once you import a template, you can download the source file and make any necessary modifications.

Creating a list from scratch

You can of course simply type out your list of locations if you have that data. Then simply export it as a CSV file and load it into MPG.

Here's a quick short tutorial video showing how to use your own data as the source file to generate multiple pages:

Partner Pages

Partner Pages are useful when you need to create an individual page for each and every client or partner that you have. Let’s say that you have a number of vendors who work with your organization. Generating a page for each of your partners is fast and easy. Type out a list of your partners in Excel or Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet program and save it as a CSV file. Upload it to your MPG project and follow the instructions to set up your partner pages.

Creating Partner CSV file

Other Source Files

You may also always find data source files related to your industry online or through paid catalogs to create your MPG project. Another good way to get a data file is to use web scraping services. One of our clients has created dozens of super-successful websites by simply scraping sites and creating entire industry-specific portals. As an example, he scrapped a government website that listed all lawyers in the region and generated a unique page for each local lawyer with their profile. As you may know, legal ads are extremely expensive and by running ads on those generated pages, this user was able to make a profit within this niche.

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