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  • The Product Quick View Module - Sparks

    πŸ“ Note: The Product Quick View module is part of the Sparks plugin, which you can get from here. The Product Quick View is an essential tool in e-commerce because it facilitates the customer's

  • How to Customize Chart Permissions in Visualizer?

    πŸ“ Note: This feature is part of the premium version of Visualizer (only for Developer and Agency plans), which you can get from here. Visualizer Pro allows you to customize permissions, which means

  • Mystock Photos - Orbit Fox module

    πŸ“ Note: This module is part of the Orbit Fox plugin. For more information about the plugin, please check the main documentation. Using this module, you can import images from the MyStock website to

  • How to link Menu to Sections in Zelle

    Zelle theme focuses on the one-page parallax design. And to do that, we have divided the front-page of our theme in multiple sections. And linking those sections from menu is very simple, all you

  • Share Buttons Widget

    πŸ“ Note: The Share Buttons widget is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. This article will present the following aspects of the Share Buttons widget, used to boost website's popularity by

  • Why background images aren't responsive

    When using WordPress themes or plugins, some of the images might seem not responsive. This means that only a part of the image is visible on mobile devices. In this guide, we will explain why this

  • Neve Shop Compatibility with Elementor Pro

    πŸ“ Note: This scenario is applied for shop websites built with Neve and Neve Pro, having Sparks activated. Building a shop page in Elementor means that you can take advantage of the styling options

  • Banner Widget

    πŸ“ Note: The Banner widget is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. The Banner works like a section that can bear an image, description that can catch the attention of the users. Adding the

  • Starter sites library import is not working

    You are probably here because of the starter sites library not working for you. Below you will find a few tips that can make it work properly. Note that these tips apply both for local WordPress

  • How to add a custom section to Hestia

    Hestia is a very flexible theme that allows you to add custom sections to the homepage. This article shows the steps needed for adding a new section, text, image, and content to the Homepage, for

  • How to add a read more link to post excerpt in Hestia

    When you fill the Excerpt box with any text on the post edit page, the_excerpt() function doesn't add any read more at the end of the short description. If you want to show the read more with post

  • How to enable the Edit Post link in Neve?

    πŸ“Note: Before using the following code snippets, please create a child theme for Neve using this doc. Single Post If you want to have an edit link at the bottom of each post so that you can edit it

  • How to create Zelle contact form with Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7 is a popular plugin that allows you to easily create a contact form as you want. In this guide, we will explain how to create the contact form on Zelle Pro front page with this plugin.

  • How to Track Traffic using Otter Forms?

    πŸ“ Note: This feature is part of the Otter Pro plugin, which you can get from here. If you want to learn more about the Otter Forms, check this doc. Using Otter Form blocks, you have access to

  • Make the navbar transparent and change its color when scrolling in Zelle

    This guide will teach you how to make the navigation bar transparent on top of the page, and change its color automatically upon scrolling down the page. An example of this feature can be seen on our

  • How to change the navigation from scrolling to static?

    In Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS add the following code. .navbar-fixed-bottom, .navbar-fixed-top { position: absolute !important; } Now the navbar will scroll with the page but will

  • Neve Typography

    In this guide, you will find information on Neve's font mechanics, including the process of modifying font types, selecting font families, adjusting font sizes, and exploring additional typography

  • How to reset the password of the ThemeIsle account

    If you are having trouble with the ThemeIsle account password, this article will help you to reset it. There are two scenarios in this case: You have lost your password and cannot access your account

  • How to Use NoFollow Links?

    There are some cases when nofollow links become really helpful for website owners to combat spam and promote other people's websites without your approval. This is because links help the search

  • How to decrease padding value between sections in ShopIsle

    If you want to decrease padding value between the front page sections, go to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS section and add the following code: .home section { padding: 30px 0!important; }

  • WP Product Review Documentation

    Learn how to customize and set up WP Product Review How to download the plugin How to install WP Product Review Lite How to create review articles Add a Buy Button (affiliate link) What will the

  • How to fix FontAwesome icons in Hestia

    If you are using the Hestia (Pro) theme and some of the icons look like in the following screenshot, you can try to fix it by installing this plugin. In case this doesn't help, feel free to contact

  • The Copyright Component - Neve Header / Footer Builder

    This component is available with the premium version of the Neve theme(any license tier) that you can get from here. The Copyright component is an indispensable tool of the Header / Footer Builder,

  • Neve Footer Builder

    Neve comes with a versatile builder for the footer area of your site. With just a few clicks you can create the desired layout. Jump to: Open the Footer Builder Footer Builder Layout Footer Builder

  • Hide the product category title in Hestia

    To hide the product category title in the product section add the following CSS snippet in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS: .card-product .category { display: none; } If you want to hide

  • How to use hCaptcha with Otter?

    The hCaptcha protects your websites from bots, spam, and other forms of abuse. Unlike reCaptcha, the hCaptcha focuses on the image labeling side, which may increase privacy. To use hCaptcha with

  • Big title section alignment after adding widgets (Hestia 1.1.75)

    If you are using Hestia and you noticed that the Big title section's items aren't responsive to the selected layout from the Customizer, then this doc will help. Starting with v1.1.75 of Hestia we

  • How to get videos from YouTube with Feedzy

    One awesome feature of Feedzy RSS Feed is its ability to automatically get videos from YouTube, either from a specific channel or playlist. 1 Create your custom feed URL. In order to create your

  • Easy Digital Downloads Booster Module Documentation

    πŸ“ Note: The Easy Digital Downloads module is part of Neve Pro which you can get from here. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full

  • How to change the thumbnail size for the "Clients" section in Zelle

    If you want to change the size of the clients' thumbnail in the About section of Zelle Pro front page, please navigate from your website Dashboard to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS editor

  • How to add shop sidebar in Hestia

    To add the sidebar to your Hestia Shop firstly go to Appearance->Customize->Appearance Settings a select the page sidebar layout you'd like. Sidebar not appearing? Be sure to go to WordPress

  • How can I disable legends in charts in Visualizer

    1 After you have created a chart, go to Visualizer > Chart Library 2 Click edit on the chart already created, select your chart, and on the next page, click Settings. 3 Go to General Settings >

  • How to install WordPress Plugins

    πŸ“ Note: If you purchased a Themeisle plugin please refer to this guide in order to get started with it. A Plugin is a tool that extends a website's functionality by adding new features or by

  • Feedzy RSS Feeds Documentation

    Feedzy is an RSS aggregator that helps you curate content, auto blog, display, and import RSS feeds within a few minutes. Overview of the functionalities Download and Install Using the plugin

  • How to change portfolios style in Hestia

    The portfolio section available on the front page of Hestia Pro, shows the project title and category only when hovering over it. If you want to make the hover style permanent, just add the following

  • How to remove featured image in portfolio modal Zelle

    To remove the featured image, at Zelle Porfolio Modal, please install our CSS Plugin ( Hey, do not forgot to rate it also! ) and add the following CSS .zerif-modal-content img { display: none

  • Elementor Booster Module Documentation

    πŸ“ Note: The Elementor Booster module is part of Neve Pro which you can get from here. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation. In

  • Image / Animation - Related Blocks

    πŸ“ Note: These blocks are part of the Otter Blocks plugin, which you can get from here. πŸ“ Note: The blocks' appearance can be improved using the Otter features, such as Transform to Sticky,

  • How to turn off loading animations in Zelle

    You can turn off the the animation effects that you see when Zelle theme loads a section, by adding the following code to the functions.php file of your child theme: function zerif_animation_script()

  • How to change the background color of the sub menu in Neve

    The drop-down menu available in the Neve header builder with the Primary Menu component inherits its background-color from the header row. If you want to set a different background-color just for the

  • How to manually renew your plan or subscription?

    If you prefer to manually renew your plan rather than set it to auto-renew, then this guide is for you.You need to login first to your Themeisle account. Click on the Edit Profile tab. At the bottom

  • How can I add title to a chart in Visualizer

    1 After you have created a chart, go to Visualizer > Chart Library 2 Click edit on the chart already created, select your chart, and on the next page, click Settings. 3 Go to General Settings > Title

  • Typed Headline Widget

    πŸ“ Note: The Typed Headline widget is part of Neve PRO's Elementor Booster module. The Typed Headline widget consists of a headline presented in an animated way. Adding the widget Customizing the

  • How to rollback your theme and plugin?

    Rolling back your theme or plugin means you can return to a previous version of your theme/plugin with just one click. It can be useful if you find a bug in our theme/plugins, you now have the

  • How to change ShopIsle slider speed

    To change ShopIsle's slider speed you should first create a child theme. Here is a guide on How to Create a Child Theme. After you follow the guide create inside the child theme a folder named assets

  • Support Policy

    When can you find us online? Working hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EEST. We are also working outside of this schedule, but when it comes to contact us, count on the working hours. Where

  • How to add back "Category:", "Tag:", "Author:" in the archive title in Hestia

    In version 1.1.73 we removed the "Category:", "Tag:" and "Author:" strings that appear by default on the archive page header, If you are using Hestia and want to add them back, just follow this doc.

  • How to Fix Safari Automatically Unzip Files

    If you're seeing this error message, and if you're using a Mac then it happens because zip files automatically get unzipped on Mac when you download them. Do the following so your zip files don't

  • Neve copyright text

    The copyright of the Neve theme behaves differently based on version, free or premium. In the free version of the theme, there is a placeholder in the footer area that can't be modified or hidden,

  • Fallback Fonts in Neve

    Fallback font families are used while fonts from Google Fonts or Typekit are loading or cannot be loaded at all. In the Customizer, you can find a global fallback font selector under Typography >