How to Generate a Sitemap?

MPG requires its sitemap to be generated since the generated pages aren’t your typical WordPress entities. MPG entities are kept as ‘virtual’. Though it has no negative SEO effect, since most frameworks and systems generate ‘virtual’ pages as well, it is an important differentiation for WordPress sites, as WordPress generates its sitemap from entities registered in its database. To generate an MPG sitemap:

Go to your MPG project
At the very top of the page, select the Sitemap tab.
Give your sitemap a name, preferably without spaces. Example “mpg-sitemap”.
Unless you have a specific goal, leave the rest of the settings as it is and press the “Save and generate” button.
Copy the “Current sitemap” URL on the bottom right-hand corner of the table. Add the MPG sitemap as an additional sitemap on Google Search Console.
Manually check a couple of URLs through Google Search Console to assure indelibility. For further help, you can watch this short tutorial video on how to create a sitemap for your generated pages: 

📝Note: If you open the XML sitemap, you may get a warning that the file doesn’t contain "styles". That is OK, as this file is for search engines only.

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🎥 How to generate a sitemap using MPG?
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