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  • How can I delete a chart?

    The process of deleting a chart is quite simple: 1 Navigate to Dashboard > Visualizer > Chart Library. 2 Pick the chart that you want to delete. 3 Click on the πŸ—‘οΈ icon. 4 A pop-up will appear,

  • How can i edit the data manually

    After entering the creation or editing of a chart, click Manual Data, and select the editor of your choice. There you can view and modify the data manually. Make sure you click on Show Chart after

  • Invalid data type detected (2nd row) - Import from file

    Thank you for choosing Visualizer Premium! If you are trying to create a new chart by importing the data from a CSV file, you may see the following error. This means that on the second row of the

  • How to display both value and percentage in slice of Pie Chart

    To display both value and percentage on your pie chart, follow these steps: 1 Go to Visualizer > Chart Library 2 Select the chart you want and click to edit it. 3 Navigate to Settings > Pie Settings,

  • Filter for Chart ID

    Any Visualizer charts have a specific chart ID that can be rendered on the post where the chart was added. This can be done by enabling some of the Frontend Actions or adding a custom code. This

  • Download CSV data of the chart without the row with series type

    The premium version of the Visualizer plugin allows you to enable the option to download the chart's data in CSV format on the front-end for users. This file contains the series type ( string,

  • How to change Line Chart's Vertical Axis color?

    The Line Chart is one of the most familiar charts used to display data. In order to have the vertical axis visible and change its color, you have to make sure that all the columns of your source file

  • How can I get support for free products

    To say it bluntly, we can't afford to offer human-based support for our free products; if you have a custom question as a user of our free products, you'll need to subscribe to one of our plans.

  • Check our latest plugins

    Thank you for using ThemeIsle plugins! In case you are looking for one of the following plugins, please note that these are retired, and there aren't further updates scheduled for them: ❌ WP Product

  • How to enable frontend action buttons

    πŸ“ Note: This is a part of Visualizer's PRO features, which you can get from here. The frontend actions are very useful when it comes to engaging your visitors, and they can be easily configured;

  • What to do after I purchase a product from ThemeIsle?

    Firstly, congrats on your decision and welcome to our community. We really appreciate it. Now that you have purchased a product from us, here are the next steps. Get the product file and the license

  • How to activate your license key

    Our Pro themes and plugins come with a license key that you will find in your account next to the products. This doc will help you activate the license key on your website for any pro theme / plugin

  • Lazy Loading vs Eager Loading

    🐌 Lazy Loading Lazy loading is a feature that enhances the speed and performance of your website by loading only the necessary page elements and preserving unnecessary resources if the user doesn't

  • Manual Configuration

    The Visualizer plugin allows you to add a manual configuration to the charts. 1 Navigate to the Visualizer > Chart Library. 2 Open one of the existing charts or create a new one. 3 Switch to Settings

  • How to generate charts from JSON data/REST endpoints

    New hope! Let's say we want to plot the height and weight (nee mass) of different characters from everyone's favourite science fiction series Star Wars (the API is available here). We will use the

  • How to Customize Expert Starter Sites?

    Building a website is much easier when using Neve's ready-made Starter Sites collection. πŸ“ Note: Here, you can find out more about the Starter Sites library. In addition to the Free & Pro Starter

  • Starter Sites are still pro after purchasing Neve Pro

    If you have purchased Neve Pro and still can't import the premium templates, as in the following screenshot, there are two things that can be checked. The license key needs to be active You have

  • WooCommerce Booster unavailable after purchasing Neve Pro

    If you have purchased Neve Pro and still can't access the WooCommerce Booster module, as in the following screenshot, there are two things that can be checked The license key needs to be active You

  • Update Theme or Plugin Failed FTP Connection Required

    If your site has restricted access to PHP routines for file reading and writing and only allows it by FTP or other method, this might conflict with the theme or plugin updates. There are some

  • How to change the number of Features/Testimonials/Blog items on a line in Hestia

    If you are not happy with the number of Features, Testimonials or Blog posts boxes that appears by default, on a row in Hestia, you are about to find an easy way to change it. Just follow the next

  • How to translate Hestia theme using TranslatePress?

    In this tutorial, we show you – step by step – how to install Hestia correctly, how to set it up with TranslatePress, and how to translate every element of your Hestia-built website for smooth

  • Templates Cloud Library

    πŸ“ Note: The Templates Cloud is a premium plugin, which you can get from here. The Templates Cloud is a personalized library associated with your license key. Pages or posts created with Gutenberg,

  • Neve Pro Documentation

    In this article Install & Configure Pricing options Modules in detail Video - Getting Started with Neve Install & Configure the Neve Pro Addon Neve Pro (Addon) is a plugin, the premium version of the

  • What is the difference between Feedzy RSS Feeds Free and PRO?

    Which product version suits you better, free or PRO? Jump to: Import Options Integration with SpinnerChief & WordAI Display feeds Support Built-in services Tag Actions πŸ“₯ Import Options Using this

  • Encountering 404 – Page Not Found

    The Multiple Pages Generator is a WordPress plugin for the bulk creation of pages, even unlimited pages. However, if your URL is showing as a 404 Error – Page Not Found, here’s a checklist to fix it:

  • How to move Feedzy templates to your theme

    You may want to move the templates that come with Feedzy to your theme in order to preserve the changes over upgrades. In order to do this, you need to follow the next steps: 1 Inside your theme

  • What happens if I do not renew my subscription

    Our premium features provide an extensive range of customizations to elevate your website's functionality and aesthetics. Having a valid license key ensures your access to the best features, receive

  • Sparks Documentation

    The Sparks plugin brings in extra e-commerce functionalities for your shop page, allowing you to build an engaging website using its modules. πŸ“ Note: At this moment, we don't have a trial or demo

  • Orbit Fox Documentation

    Orbit Fox is a multi-functional plugin that extends your theme by adding extra features. This plugin is designed to put the user first so all the settings can be found under the admin dashboard.

  • Support Policy

    The Themeisle Support Policy is your guide to getting help with our products. It explains how to get in touch with us, what kind of help we offer, and how long it usually takes to hear back from us.

  • MPG - The Multiple Page Generator Documentation

    The MPG - Multiple Page Generator is a mass page generator that enables users to create unlimited and unique landing pages in bulk under the same domain. This plugin helps to develop and manage

  • Otter Blocks documentation

    Otter Blocks is a powerful collection of page-building blocks and templates for the WordPress block editor. The expanding library of page building blocks incorporates all the necessary elements to