How can I create a chart?

A chart can be created from two places: the post editor and the charts library. The process of chart creation from both places is similar.

In this article, you will find described each of the scenarios:

📖 Page Editor


From the block editor click on the ➕ button, to  Add a new block.


Type " Visualizer Chart" into the search bar, and click on the specific icon.

When the block appears, you have two options: to display an existing chart or to create a new one ( we'll focus on this one ).


You have been redirected to the Visualizer menu, click on  Add New.

Choose a library and a chart type. When you're done, click on Next.

You can make the final adjustments to your chart before inserting it. You'll find the setup chart options to the right.

When everything is set, click on Create and the chart will be inserted into the Library.

📁 Visualizer Library


Navigate to  Dashboard Visualizer > Chart Library.


Click on  Add new.

From this moment, follow the steps described above, in order to create a new chart:
  • choose a library and a chart type.
  • make some adjustments to the chart.
  • when you're done, click on Create.


The chart is now in the Visualizer Library. Click on the  ✂️ icon to copy the shortcode.


Choose the page where you want to add the chart and navigate to the page editor:

  • click on the ➕ button, to add a new block.
  • search for the Shortcode block and add it to the page.
  • paste the shortcode of the chart ( Step 4).

That's it! Navigate to the website to see the changes.

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