Blog Booster Module Documentation

Blog Booster is part of Neve Pro Addon's modules. If you would like to learn more about the Neve Pro Addon, take a look at Neve Pro Addon's full documentation.

Activating the module

To activate the Blog Booster module, navigate to Appearance > Neve Options > Neve Pro and enable the module.


The Blog Booster module adds new options for the Blog and Single post pages. These options can be seen in Appearance > Customize > Layout.

1. Blog/Archive

Neve Pro brings in new options for the Blog/Archive page:

- Advanced blog post ordering - possibility to change the default publishing descending date order to ascending or change it by updated date (This is really handy for bloggers who want to bring to life those older articles that have been updated, but would otherwise remain at the bottom of the blog page, and would not be accessible for users).

- Custom meta separator and Estimated reading time - The meta tags provided by Neve are the author name, publishing date, number of comments and category of the post. Apart from these, Neve Pro also offers an estimated reading time, which is automatically calculated based on the number of strings in the post.

There is also an option for a custom meta separator. ( For special characters, make sure to use Unicode. For example, > can be displayed using \003E. )

- Avatar size - the author avatar image can be further customized in Neve Pro, by choosing an image size ( for desktop, tablet, and mobile )

- Read more options

The default Read more text available in Neve, can be further customized in Neve Pro. You can choose between just a text, or a button ( primary style or secondary style ).

2. Single Post

Neve Pro brings in new options for the Single Post pages: Sharing Icons, Author Biography, and Related Posts. These three options need to be enabled in the Elements Order list where you can choose which elements should be visible on the page or not, and their positions.

- Sharing Icons offer the possibility to add as many social icons as you need ( from a predefined list of the most popular networks ). Each icon can be enabled/disabled on Desktop/Mobile, offering a great way of customization.

- Author Biography will pull out the post's author name, description and Gravatar image from the user settings.

- Related Posts is a pretty usual section in WordPress, but Neve Pro gets it to the next level, by offering customizations options for the section title, the number of related posts, length of the post content and filtering option ( you can choose to select related posts based on related categories or related tags ).

- Custom display for the Comments section

With Neve PRO, you get the option to have a show/hide mechanism for the comments section. This means, that by default, the comments list and comments form area is not displayed on the page, only a Show Comments button is visible. When that button is clicked, the entire comments section is displayed. This functionality is pretty useful on sites with a large number of comments, that could make the page to long. 

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