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  • Adjust product's header size and main content position in Hestia

    If your product page looks like it's taking up too much space or too little this guide will help you change the height of the product page's header and the position of the main content area. Here's

  • How to Configure the Very Top Bar in Hestia

    The Very Top Bar is the highest-positioned section on the site, just above the navigation area. It is divided into two panels: General Settings and Appearance Settings. By navigating to Header

  • How to Customize the Ribbon section in Hestia?

    πŸ“ Note: This section is available only after you install and activate the Orbit Fox plugin. A ribbon section is useful on a website because it serves as a prominent and eye-catching element, drawing

  • How to Customize the Testimonials section in Hestia?

    πŸ“ Note: This section is available only after you install and activate the Orbit Fox plugin. A testimonials section is important for a website because it builds trust and credibility by showcasing

  • How to Customize Pricing section in Hestia PRO?

    πŸ“ Note: Hestia Pro comes with a beautiful set of pricing tables. It allows you to add unlimited options to your tables by separating them with a "\n". A pricing section is useful on a website

  • How to display the SKU on single product pages in Hestia

    If you have not created a child theme then be sure to create one before proceeding or your changes will be lost on next update: How to create a child theme After you have created your child theme add

  • How to Customize the Contact section in Hestia?

    A contact section is useful on a website because it provides a direct and convenient way for visitors to get in touch, ask questions, or initiate collaborations. General Settings Disable section -

  • Hestia Basic Mega Menu Setup

    NOTE: This is only available on the Primary Menu. Doing this for other menus might yield unexpected results. Creating a basic mega menu in Hestia We've made it easy to set up a basic mega menu within

  • How to customize read more links in Hestia

    Classic Blog layout scenario Classic/Alternative blog layout In order to change the Read more... link text, first, you need to create a child theme. Please check this guide on how to create a child

  • Hestia Documentation

    Hestia is a modern WordPress theme for professionals. It fits creative or small businesses (restaurants, wedding planners, sport/medical shops), corporate businesses, online agencies and firms,

  • How to display an image instead of the video on mobile in Hestia

    Hestia Pro has an option to display a video as the background for the Big Title/Slider section. Unfortunately, on mobile, the video will not work. For Hestia PRO, we are using WordPress's core Header

  • What hooks and filters are available in Hestia

    For a visual doc with the main hooks, check out Hestia Hooks. The full list of available Hooks: Header Footer hestia_before_header_hook hestia_before_header_content_hook

  • How to Customize the Blog section in Hestia?

    The blog section is valuable as it provides a platform for businesses to share valuable content, demonstrate expertise, engage with their audience, and improve SEO by regularly updating the website

  • How to Customize the Team section in Hestia?

    πŸ“ Note: This section is available only after you install and activate the Orbit Fox plugin. A team section is useful on a website because it introduces the people behind the brand, establishing a

  • How to remove Footer Menu in Hestia

    First time when you install Hestia theme, it creates a menu and assign it the footer location. This menu contains by default all pages that you have. If you want to remove it, it's that simple.

  • How to manually update to the latest version

    One of the most important things that you should do before updating to the latest version is to make a full backup to your website, to make sure that nothing will deteriorate. πŸ“ Note: You can use

  • Reactivating the license key after upgrade

    πŸ“ Note: In case you want to unlock powerful features, check this doc about upgrading your subscription. πŸ“ Note: Are you using Neve? If that's the case, please refer to this guide. This article

  • Increase Hestia Features Icon size

    If you'd like to increase the features icon then please go to Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS and add the following: .hestia-info .icon>i{ font-size: 80px !important; } You can increase the

  • How to create the Hestia contact form in WPForms

    WPForms is a great plugin that allows you to easily create any contact form you want. It comes with pre-built form templates that can be easily customized, so you don’t ever have to start from

  • How to remove Related Posts from Hestia

    You can remove Hestia's related posts section from your blog posts by adding the following code to your functions.php file or using a site-specific plugin. We recommend that you use a child theme.

  • How to add a second logo in Hestia

    Hestia comes with a navigation menu with two different variations: a transparent state ( on the front page, before scrolling ) and a white state ( on the front page, after scrolling and on internal

  • How to reduce hestia slider text on mobile

    If you'd like to make the slider section text smaller on mobile in Hestia then please navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS section and add the following code: @media only screen and

  • How to Customize the Subscribe section in Hestia?

    πŸ“ Note: This section is available only after you install and activate the Orbit Fox plugin. The subscribe section is crucial for capturing potential customers' contact information, allowing

  • How to Change Hestia Pro Slider Speed

    Hestia Pro adds a carousel to the header of your website which slides every 10 seconds. The time interval can be really slow for some sites but it can be changed with some JavaScript. You can install

  • Change the menu items from uppercase to capitalize in Hestia

    In this guide you will learn how to change the default text-transform property of the menu items in Hestia. Keep in mind that Hestia supports 3 menu areas. In this guide will be addressing each one.

  • How to disable animations in Hestia

    You might want to turn off the animations which we added to Hestia. If using a child theme the change can be done by entering the following code in your functions.php file. function

  • How to Remove Opacity/Overlay in Hestia Header and Sections

    Some of the images in Hestia theme have a dark overlay. In order to edit it, just choose the desired section and follow the instructions. Big Title section/Header of any page Ribbon section - front

  • How to add a custom section to Hestia

    Hestia is a very flexible theme that allows you to add custom sections to the homepage. This article shows the steps needed for adding a new section, text, image, and content to the Homepage, for

  • How to remove the cart icon from menu in Hestia PRO

    Basically, the cart icon will be displayed automatically if the WooCommerce plugin is active. If you are not using products/WooCommerce, deactivate it from WP-admin > Plugins, and the cart icon will

  • How to make both Hestia pricing tables raised

    In this document will show you how to get both pricing tables raised, we'll also show how to get neither raised and the second raised. To get both pricing tables raised go to

  • How to hide the subscribe section on Hestia blog

    πŸ“Note: This is part of Hestia Pro, which you can get from here. On the blog page of Hestia Pro, a subscribe section can be displayed after the posts above the footer. If you want to disable it,

  • How to make search with AJAX (without page refresh)

    Hestia theme has a search out of the box, however, for search results to appear you need to click ENTER or Search and they will appear after a page refresh. This plugin modifies the default search to

  • Hestia Recommended Image Sizes

    There isn't an exact image size that would best fit because it depends on the layout of your website, but here are some image size recommendations: slider: 1920px x 1080px blog/shop header - 1200px x

  • How to make Hestia navbar transparent for other pages

    Hestia theme provides a transparent navbar option, but it works only on the homepage. This article shows you how to create a transparent header on other pages as well. Hestia Free supports this

  • How to Customize Big Title Background Options in Hestia?

    The Big Title section is the main front page section where you can showcase your hero image. In Hestia, you have two options, either to display a simple image or to use the Parallax effect, which is

  • How to center the footer menu and copyright in Hestia

    There is a menu at the bottom of the footer in the Hestia theme. The copyright info is also there. In this doc, you will find the proper code to align them to the center of the page. How it looks by

  • Disable Social Share Buttons in Hestia

    To disable the social sharing buttons which shows up on the blog posts of Hestia you need to go to Appearance->Customize->Appearance Settings->General Settings and uncheck the Enable Social Icons

  • How to Select Primary Category for Hestia Posts using Yoast?

    A post can be assigned to multiple post categories. The Yoast plugin allows you to select a primary category for any post inside the editor. 1 Go to Categories and select multiple categories. 2 A

  • How to decrease Hestia Post header height

    βͺ Before ⏩ After If you'd like to decrease the area below and above the header then please go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and add the following code: .page-header.header-small

  • How to increase Post/Page header height in Hestia

    To add more height the post/page header area in hestia then start by going to Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS and add the following code: .page-header .container { height: 600px !important;

  • How to remove the product zoom effect in Hestia

    The product thumbnail in the Hestia theme is zoomed when the user hovers over the image. This can be disabled by adding the following code at the end of the functions.php file of the child theme.

  • Hestia Frontpage Sections Disappearing

    If you are using the Hestia theme, and the front page settings aren't available, there are three things that can be checked. The front page option The page template The customizer option The front

  • How to use Hestia Patterns?

    Hestia introduces templates that enable you to effortlessly replicate and implement sections both on the homepage and throughout the entire website. This streamlines the utilization of the original

  • Typography Options in Hestia Pro

    Typography Options Hestia offers control over the Headings and Body Font Families, offers the possibility to choose a Font Subset and Font Size options for the Frontpage sections and inner pages.

  • How to Increase Theme Logo Size

    This document will help you change the logo size for: Zelle Hestia NOTE: Unless you are using a child theme, all the CSS code snippets from this guide need to be added to Appearance -> Customize ->

  • What is the Difference Between Neve and Neve PRO?

    Which product version is right for me, free or PRO? Jump to: Starter Sites Header Blog Page WooCommerce Custom Layouts Page Header Page Footer Single Post Page Elementor Widgets White Label LifterLMS

  • How to override sections in Hestia

    If you are using a version of Hestia higher than 1.1.77 and want to change/override some of the sections in a child theme, you will need to use some hooks and filters. In this document you will learn

  • Why isn't my site responsive with Hestia Pro theme

    Hestia Pro theme has many layout options. If your site looks narrow on mobile devices, it might be because the initial value of the container width value was changed. This can be reset by navigating

  • How to remove Related Products from Hestia

    If you want to remove the related products in the Hestia theme, then add the following code to the functions.php file of your child theme. For downloading a ready-made child theme for Hestia we

  • Hide the product category title in Hestia

    To hide the product category title in the product section add the following CSS snippet in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS: .card-product .category { display: none; } If you want to hide