How to Customize Big Title Background Options in Hestia?

The Big Title section is the main front page section where you can showcase your hero image. In Hestia, you have two options, either to display a simple image or to use the Parallax effect, which is combining two images and overlapping them to create a nice moving effect.

The Extra panel offers you the possibility of choosing one of the three layouts available for the big title section.


The image background can be used to create an appealing hero section for your website. You can configure the title, tagline, button text, and URL.


Boost the visual appeal of your website with the fascinating parallax effect that seamlessly combines two images and produces a captivating moving effect. The effect is achieved by overlapping two or more images with different depths, giving the impression of a 3D-like animation.

For this, you will have to configure the first and second layers, which will move at different speeds as the user scrolls down the webpage. The first layer, typically the foreground, will move at a slower speed, while the second layer, usually the background, will move at a faster speed. 


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Apart from the image and parallax, you can also easily add a video background for the hero area. You can either select a .mp4 video from your computer or enter a YouTube URL.


📝 Note: This is part of Hestia Pro, which you can get from here. Learn more about Hestia Free vs. Pro.

The image background is enhanced by the possibility of adding  multiple images inside the hero area through the slider content. For each of the images in the slider, you can configure a button and second button color, text, and link, as well as a title and subtitle.

The slider effect is also available for the parallax and video background types so that you can configure the title, tagline, and buttons' text and color.

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