Typography Options in Hestia Pro

Typography Options

Hestia offers control over the Headings and Body Font Families, offers the possibility to choose a Font Subset and Font Size options for the Frontpage sections and inner pages.

Better control over the Font size Options

Hestia Pro offers you control over the font size options for each specific mode: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. By default, the changes will take place on the desktop. To make any changes to the tablet or mobile view, you just need to click on their corresponding icons, near each control and change the font size according to what you need.

This way, you can better adapt your content for each device, as there are times when you need to have different font sizes for different devices.

Font size options for the primary menu 

In Hestia Pro, you have the possibility to also update the font size for the primary menu icons ( specifically for desktop, tablet, and mobile ). 

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