How to Customize Pricing section in Hestia PRO?

📝 Note: Hestia Pro comes with a beautiful set of pricing tables. It allows you to add unlimited options to your tables by separating them with a "\n".

A pricing section is useful on a website because it clearly presents the various pricing options and packages available for products or services, helping customers make informed decisions and choose the best plan that aligns with their needs and budget.


From this panel, you can disable the section, and add a section title and/or subtitle to outline the main idea.


This panel refers to the first pricing package and contains the following options:

  • Pricing Table One: Title - allows you to add the table title (e.g. Basic Package).
  • Pricing Table One: Icon - use the FontAwesome dropdown to include a suitable icon for the first table.
  • Pricing Table One: Price - insert the price of the first package. The field allows HTML, so you can use it to customize the appearance.
  • Pricing Table One: Features - here, you can use HTML to insert the product features.
  • Pricing Table One: Link - for further information or purchase, insert a link to an internal/external page. It will appear as a button.
  • Pricing Table One: Text - configure the button text for the first table.

Second Panel

This panel refers to the second pricing package and contains the same options as the first one.

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