How to Customize the Team section in Hestia?

📝 Note: This section is available only after you install and activate the Orbit Fox plugin.

A team section is useful on a website because it introduces the people behind the brand, establishing a sense of trust, credibility, and human connection with visitors. It allows potential customers to learn more about the team's expertise and passion, fostering a positive impression and potential long-term relationships.

  • Disable section - option to disable the section.
  • Section Title and Subtitle 
  • Team Content - in this area, you can add as many Team boxes as you want. Each Team box has the following options:
    • Image - can be uploaded from the computer, or you can use an image URL (internal, from Media Library, or external).
    • Title - insert the title (name) of the first team member.
    • Subtitle - can be a brief description of the team member or their role in the organization.
    • Text - share a team member's quote or something related. By default, this is disabled on mobile.
    • Link - add links to help visitors engage more with the team members' websites.
    • Social icons - allows you to add as many social icons as you want to each Team box. For each social icon, you need to provide the icon and the link to the member's profile.

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